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Consulting Groups

Collaborating with clients is the lifeblood of consulting groups, who frequently send teams of “road warriors” to customer sites around the country and the world to work on projects. This approach provides live interaction vital for successful project completion, at the cost of significant downtime and expenses related to travel.

Jigsaw Interactive’s immersive virtual engagement platform enables consulting groups to add compelling live virtual collaboration capabilities to their suite of services. Instead of either picking up the phone or heading out the door for every client meeting, consultants can head to their desks and host meetings as needed in Jigsaw’s virtual open work rooms. These persistent virtual spaces leverage Jigsaw’s patented productivity-improving technology, helping consulting groups achieve better results faster and more cost-effectively for their clients.
EducationAt both the K-12 and college and university levels, more educational institutions are exploring the integration of virtual capabilities into their operations. The reasons are many and include reaching a broader base of students, improving academic success, and cutting costs in the face of shrinking budgets.Jigsaw Interactive’s immersive virtual engagement platform provides multi-dimensional tools designed for today’s students and allows instructors to actively engage those students in dynamic and interactive virtual classrooms. We help brick-and-mortar and online institutions alike to augment learning and development while reducing costly expenses.

Communications and Networks

Major communications and network providers compete in a fast-paced market where customers expect rapid improvements in technology and other capabilities. To effectively compete requires constant internal development and review of new products that appeal to tech-savvy customers. Employees also need continual training to maintain a high level of knowledge of their companies’ products so they can provide a more complete customer experience to people coming in the door.

Jigsaw Interactive’s immersive virtual engagement platform offers communications and networks companies the ability to develop and review products faster and more cost-effectively. Sales teams can use our live virtual collaboration capabilities to strategize on improving sales and manage their territories more successfully. Employees can take sales and product training at their convenience with the confidence that they are learning more in a shorter time, improving their ability to serve customers.

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