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A Message Concerning the Corona Virus

Jigsaw Interactive Steps Up During Coronavirus Emergency by Giving Their Intelligent Virtual Classroom Software to Schools

We are in the midst of a health crisis with a growing number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 here in the US.  It is affecting millions of people around the world and the numbers increase daily. China, Japan, South Korea, Italy, France, Germany, Iran, and others are taking emergency actions to prevent the disease from spreading further.  Schools and universities are working to identify emergency response plans that include ways to provide a live classroom environment without putting students at risk. The fear and disruption of everyday life is causing a lot of anxiety.

 “I know there is a lot of anxiety as we all make preparations to handle this emergency health crisis. I am in awe of the diligence, commitment, and courage shown by the health-care professionals who are treating those directly affected and the professionalism, leadership, and expertise shown by those in charge of preparing the public. It has been nothing less than inspiring to see our communities work together as they should.

At Jigsaw, our goal is to change how the world learns and collaborates. Technology allows us to quickly modify how we connect.  Using Jigsaw’s virtual intelligent classroom offers teachers and students the ability to have live classes without the risk of infection at a time when it’s important to err on the side of safety.

We, at Jigsaw, believe that supporting our communities is part of our social responsibility. As an organization focused on providing the best virtual classroom experience, we continuously strive to ensure our communities’ needs are met.  At a time when school administrators need to quickly respond and find a way to maintain critical class time, Jigsaw is committed to helping our schools by giving them our virtual classroom software as we navigate this epidemic together.”

-Josette Fleszar, CEO
Jigsaw Interactive

Brick and mortar schools are prime locations for the transmission of viruses but when they are closed, even temporarily, there is a disruption in students’ education. While some schools may use an online program as an alternative, these options require students to be self-motivated and to work in isolation.  The disruption to the normal classroom environment can cause students to fall behind.

Jigsaw Is Giving Schools Their Virtual Classroom Software to Help Them with Emergency Preparedness Plans.

Jigsaw Interactive is giving our intelligent virtual classroom to all brick and mortar schools to use from today through the end of the 2019/20 school year. Along with the many teaching/learning tools that Jigsaw offers, all schools will receive training and technical support during the program offering.

Jigsaw Interactive is the only fully functional, multi-dimensional HTML5/WebRTC virtual learning and collaboration software. That means it’s easy to use, secure, does not require any downloads and works on a wide variety of devices and all modern browsers.

To take advantage of this offering please contact Jigsaw Interactive at 877-571-0004 ext. 1 or email us at or

Regarding the recent Zoom Video security issue.

Jigsaw is committed to ensuring the highest level of security, privacy and confidentiality for all our customers and prospective users.  Early last week, Jonathan Leitschuh, a software engineer and security researcher, released a security report detailing security vulnerabilities in Zoom’s video conferencing platform along with the company’s significant delayed response to the issue.  Zoom management also asserted that other software vendors leave their users exposed to the same vulnerability.

This is totally and unequivocally untrue for Jigsaw Interactive.  Jigsaw interactive DOES NOT have this security design flaw.  Jigsaw does not currently, nor has it ever, exposed its users to this security issue.  Whether you use our original Jigsaw platform or our recently launched Jigsaw 5 solution which is built completely on HTML5 and WebRTC technologies, we adhere to the standard established security protocols.  We understand the importance of an easy user experience and we also understand the need to ensure all the right security policies, standards and protocols that our customers have and need are strictly adhered to.  Privacy is also critical to our internal and external customers and prospects.  We DO NOT automatically enable or activate web cameras when someone comes into a Jigsaw session.

Maintaining the trust that our customers place in us is very important.  Our ICARE values (Integrity, Customer Service, Accountability, Results, Excellence) drive everything we do for our users.  Everyone in our organization follows these values in every connection and communication with our, partners, customers and prospects.

You can be certain that Jigsaw will always be prompt and honest in our communication to you and while using a Jigsaw Interactive solution, you can rest assured that your learning, training, and collaborative sessions are held in the most secure and private environment possible.

If you need to learn more about this information please reach out to your Account Manager and we can coordinate a conversation with one of our security experts.

Jigsaw’s Newest Update

We are excited to announce our newest update to the Jigsaw User Experience. We are releasing our new User Interface for the administrative side of Jigsaw on June 27th, 2019. What you’ll see when you when you log in is a more streamlined and cleaner experience when creating and managing your sessions. All the tools that you’re used to are still there and we’ve added a few more that will help you be more efficient.

There’s a video down below to help familiarize you with the new interface and the cool new features.

We are introducing a new asset manager and attendee manager that will make adding, removing, and managing both your session assets and attendees easier than ever. You are also now able to join the session from anywhere during the creation process to see what effects your changes have made.

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