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Consulting Groups

Collaborating with clients is the lifeblood of consulting groups, who frequently send teams of “road warriors” to customer sites around the country and the world to work on projects. This approach provides live interaction vital for successful project completion, at the cost of significant downtime and expenses related to travel.

Jigsaw Interactive’s immersive virtual engagement platform enables consulting groups to add compelling live virtual collaboration capabilities to their suite of services. Instead of either picking up the phone or heading out the door for every client meeting, consultants can head to their desks and host meetings as needed in Jigsaw’s virtual open work rooms. These persistent virtual spaces leverage Jigsaw’s patented productivity-improving technology, helping consulting groups achieve better results faster and more cost-effectively for their clients.
EducationAt both the K-12 and college and university levels, more educational institutions are exploring the integration of virtual capabilities into their operations. The reasons are many and include reaching a broader base of students, improving academic success, and cutting costs in the face of shrinking budgets.Jigsaw Interactive’s immersive virtual engagement platform provides multi-dimensional tools designed for today’s students and allows instructors to actively engage those students in dynamic and interactive virtual classrooms. We help brick-and-mortar and online institutions alike to augment learning and development while reducing costly expenses.

Communications and Networks

Major communications and network providers compete in a fast-paced market where customers expect rapid improvements in technology and other capabilities. To effectively compete requires constant internal development and review of new products that appeal to tech-savvy customers. Employees also need continual training to maintain a high level of knowledge of their companies’ products so they can provide a more complete customer experience to people coming in the door.

Jigsaw Interactive’s immersive virtual engagement platform offers communications and networks companies the ability to develop and review products faster and more cost-effectively. Sales teams can use our live virtual collaboration capabilities to strategize on improving sales and manage their territories more successfully. Employees can take sales and product training at their convenience with the confidence that they are learning more in a shorter time, improving their ability to serve customers.

Top 3 Reasons to Use Corporate Training Software for Employee Training

If you haven’t yet made the shift to virtual training platforms for corporate training, now is the best time to make the change, particularly if you’re looking for a cost-effective training solution. There are many advantages to using corporate training software for training your personnel to onboarding new hires, conduct refresher courses, or training newly-promoted personnel to get them ready for their new roles and responsibilities in the organization.

If you’re still apprehensive about making the digital shift to online corporate training, here are the top three benefits of using corporate training software for all your training needs:

1. Savings

Traditional, classroom-setup training costs hundreds of dollars for each session or module. This is only for in-office training. For offsite training, you could be looking at spending a thousand dollars or more. With online corporate training, however, you could save by up to 50% in training costs. Why? Because you eliminate the costs of materials (printing and paper), venue, and outsourced instructor. You also save on employee time: trainees no longer need to be out of the office or “locked” inside the training room for the duration of the training. Furthermore, the software eliminates the need for the instructor to be physically present during training (which could save about 60% instruction time).

2. Immediate deployment and availability of training modules and other pertinent documents

Since you will be doing away with the printing, you can immediately deploy the lessons or modules as soon as you finish them. With the right corporate training software, trainees can access related materials almost instantaneously—as soon as the files have been uploaded. Again, this could translate to saving precious work hours.

3. More relaxed learning set-up

In a classroom style training, the attendees are under pressure because they must keep up with other trainees. Usually, questions or clarifications are withheld because the trainee doesn’t want to hold up the discussion or be the cause of the delay. With virtual learning from corporate training software, the attendees learn at their own pace. Moreover, if they need to go back to a previous lesson, they can access the necessary modules or documents at any given time. Online training, in other words, encourages personal immersion, which translates to better understanding of the lessons.

If you want to experience Jigsaw’s virtual training solutions or you wish to learn more about how our corporate training software works, we invite you to request a demo here. For questions or other concerns, please feel free to contact us at 877-571-0004 at your convenience.

Online Training Software for Organizations: Top 3 Ways It Can Enhance Operations

The most important asset for any organization, regardless of size, is its people. They are the behind-the-curtain force that can propel it to greater heights or drag the company down. With that said, training is a critical factor in their performance. With Jigsaw’s online training software, you can provide critical training to every member of your organization much more easily.

If you haven’t adopted online corporate training in your organization, you might be missing out on opportunities and benefits that only Jigsaw’s online training software can deliver. To give you an idea of what these are, below are the top three ways online corporate training can enhance your organization’s operations:

Regular training updates your employees’ knowledge about the company

When an employee has been with the company for so long, there’s a very big chance that they have developed their own working style that eschews the core values of the company and the distinctive factors that make the company unique. With regular online corporate training, these risks are mitigated. Additionally, refresher training sessions can equip your employees with new skills while also further developing their existing skills. They can also be used to update employees with the latest industry trends and practices.

Online training software features tools that enable you to do so much more

Jigsaw’s online training software isn’t designed exclusively for online corporate training. The software has special features and tools that allow for real-time communication and collaboration regardless of location or time differences. So, when you need to call for an emergency meeting, you no longer have to wait for everyone to be in the same room. You can conduct meetings remotely.

Onboarding new hires as necessary

When a new team member is brought in, they will need to undergo training to equip them with the knowledge and skills necessary for their role in the organization. In the past, onboarding new hires meant waiting to have a good number of people to attend the training to offset training costs. With online corporate software, you can train new hires as they come. This translates to having them ready to be an active player on the team almost as soon as they join the team.

The bottom line is, online corporate training provides your organization with a cost-effective training solution. The platform eliminates the logistical nightmares of planning off-site training and cutting down your training costs by a considerable percentage—as much as 50% off your traditional training budget.

Online Training Software: Top 3 Skills Customer Service Teams Need for Effective Service

Poor customer service is often one of the reasons why first-time and even loyal customers turn to your competitors. Regardless of whether it’s before, during, or after sales, exceptional customer service is a key ingredient in customer retention and loyalty. Regular training of your customer service team is therefore important for business. Jigsaw’s online training software affords organizations the convenience of training their teams at any given time.

One may observe that customer service is at its finest before sales; primarily because they want to close the deal and make a sale. Attentive, alert, and ready to please, customer service representatives always have their best foot forward before and during sales. The horror stories come after the sale has been made.

It has been said numerous times by different company owners or leaders of the organization that employees are a business’ best asset. Don’t give them room to become a liability, and instead, conduct regular trainings to hone their skills and help them develop new ones. With online training software on hand, you can conduct your trainings even before the need arises.

Here are the Top 3 skills that every customer service representative must possess:

1. Effective communication. Effective communication is at the core of an exceptionally delivered customer support service. Apart from clear and concise statements, answers or inquiries about the customer’s concern, effective communication means, more than anything, listening to what the customer is saying. And the goal is to provide assistance as best they could without having to defend the company, product, or in some instances, an employee with whom the customer had a disagreement.

2. Knowledge. Suffice it to say that a customer support representative who doesn’t know what he or she is talking about—one with very little knowledge of the company’s products and services—is not in a position to provide proper assistance to the customer. Knowledge is power, and in this case, knowledge could translate to a satisfied customer.

Flexibility. Flexibility in customer service entails being able to adapt to every type of customer. Each customer is unique and has his or her own quirks and preferences. To be able to deliver exceptional customer service, the representative should be flexible enough to ‘accommodate’ the customers’ individuality.

It’s also important to include patience here. A customer support representative needs to have patience—lots of it, because as mentioned, every customer is different; and they respond differently as well to the kind of assistance that the representative provides. Patience, in a way, is the glue that holds all of these elements together.

If you would like to learn more about Jigsaw’s online training software, you are encouraged to request for a demo here.

Online Corporate Training Solutions: Empowering Organizations Across Industries

In today’s business landscape, changes occur at a faster pace. With innovations being introduced to various industries more frequently, shifts in trends, practices, and buying behaviors occur more frequently as well. Keeping up with these changes sometimes require training sessions to equip entire teams with a new set of skills. Jigsaw’s online corporate training solutions provide organizations with the necessary tools to effectively train each member; ultimately giving them a competitive edge over others in their industry.

To put it another way, for any business to not only survive in this digital age, but more importantly, to thrive and excel, addressing these changes as soon as they come has become a critical component, internally and externally. Online corporate training tools that can be customized according to modules and personalized according to the teams’ specific needs become an indispensable ‘ally’ in giving the organization a competitive edge.

The key factor here is to address these changes as soon as they come. To do that, training tools need to be readily available, anytime. The beauty of an online training platform is that not only do you have the right tools at your disposal at any given time, but more importantly, they can be accessed by the attendees or trainees from wherever they are.

Do you need to “train” an employee that you sent to another location for an important business transaction with a VIP client? You don’t have to wait for that employee to get back to the office before you can conduct that training with him or her. With the virtual platform accessible from anywhere, the employee can start the training module even while still out of the office.

In like manner, if you have a team whose members are spread out across different branches or off-site locations, you can gather all of them immediately from wherever they are to collaborate and communicate in real time through your virtual board room.

The “portability” factor provided by online training solutions enables organizations to not only keep up with changes in their industry, but more so, to provide proper training to all employees—training that provides them with knowledge and skills specific to their roles in the organization while catering to their needs and requirements. Customizable, affordable, and portable all make for a great online corporate training solution—and this can empower your organization.

With their enhanced skillset, and newly-developed skills through real-time virtual training, your employees are able to effectively adapt to industry changes at a level that is more than above average.

To experience the Jigsaw difference, you may request for a demo here.

Online Training Software for Product Training: Top 3 Reasons Why Your Organization Needs It

Have you ever approached a sales person or a store employee to ask about the new product they recently launched only to be given blank stares or incoherent answers? Chances are this turned you off, and you left without making a purchase. This is where online training software will come in handy.

The above scenario is precisely what you should avoid at all costs when you’re launching a new product. You don’t want to turn off a potential customer because the employee they talked to couldn’t communicate to them the value of your new product. Give your employees the information they need to prevent such incidents from ever occurring.

Here are the Top 3 reasons why you should conduct a product training for all your employees prior to product launch:

1. Information. Information about your new product isn’t restricted to the specifications of the product itself. If anything, the specs should be the last point of discussion on your product training—or at least, not the first one to be highlighted. Above it was mentioned that it’s important to impart to customers the value of the product, and this should be the focus of the Information module in your customized online training software. Simply put, discuss the value that the product provides to your customers. What are the benefits of using the new product? How will it enhance your audiences’ lives?

2. Effective communication. When your employees have all the necessary information about your new product, they become more confident; and confidence is a key factor in effective communication. It’s also important to note here that effective communication in terms of disseminating product information generally means giving brief, concise information—straight to the point, to help them make a quick, informed decision.

3. Good impression. An employee who is knowledgeable about the product makes a good first impression by answering all questions to each clients’ satisfaction. This is generally the first step in building trust.

All of these are key components to an effective and efficient product launch. And with Jigsaw’s online training software, you can conduct your product trainings even without being in the same location as your employees. And with the modules readily accessible any time, they can go back to these whenever the need arises.

If you need more information about our online training solutions, or you would like to experience using the software before purchase, you may request for a demo here.

Top 3 Reasons Why Organizations Should Embrace Online Corporate Training

Technology has changed the way we live, work, and conduct business with others. In large part, it has enhanced our lives in and out of the office. Take, for example, required training for new hires, executives, leaders, and specific departments or teams within the organization. With online corporate training tools, training sessions can be made more efficient.

In digital jargon, this is known as “disruptive technology.” Disruptive technology is an innovation that basically disrupts an existing practice, process, or standard of operations by challenging the way it has always been done. This usually happens when a product or service alters, in a way, more traditional practices or standards. The main point of such technology is to enhance the lives of anyone who uses it.

With everything becoming digital these days, from communications to business presentations, tasks that once took several days to accomplish can now be done in a matter of hours. Such is the benefit of embracing digital disruption. Online corporate training is an example of disruptive technology.

Online training platforms have been around for several years now, but it wasn’t until recently (two or three years ago) that they finally took off as organizations began embracing them. If you are still undecided about whether to go in the direction of online training or not, here are three reasons that could finally help you decide to adopt it as your go-to corporate training solutions:

1. Training tools are immediately available. With online training solutions, you have the necessary tools on hand (before the need even arises), which means training can be done at a moment’s notice.

2. Communicate and collaborate in real time. Jigsaw’s online training software features tools that allow for real-time collaboration and communication between teams. Monitoring internal processes regularly allows leaders to discover issues long before they become problems that could potentially affect operations on a larger scale. The software makes it easier to communicate through a secure internal platform.

3. Cost-efficient training solutions. Organizations that use online corporate training solutions from Jigsaw have saved on training expenses. With training tools that can be customized per their need and requirements, development of training modules is made easier, and with the elimination of paper-based modules, costs are reduced significantly. Additionally, logistical issues are completely eliminated because training modules can be completed on the go; wherever and whenever.

To experience the Jigsaw difference, we recommend that you try the product yourself. To request for a demo, please click here.

Why Virtual Training Is Essential

It’s no secret that the majority of today’s society spends an increasing amount of time peering, working, lurking and essentially living on their computers. Although virtual, these computer environments have physical characteristics that are just as real as those of an office space or traditional classroom. Virtual environments emulate a natural and multi-dimensional environment that students and business people can use every day.

Virtual training is driven by the need to effectively train a more dispersed population that is growing at a steady rate. A society that includes multi-generational and millennial workers must have training tools and resources that appeal to a varied audience with the same amount enthusiasm and interest. From a cost standpoint, it allows organizations the ability to provide valuable training, opportunities, and experiences for employees while avoiding travel costs and lost time from the job. Virtual training can provide an engaging and immersive experience that allows participants to connect and interact with both the instructors and their peers.

When implemented successfully, and with the right technology, virtual training can be very effective and efficient. However, the technology must offer an immersive learning environment as opposed to a web conferencing type system and delivery must include activity-based projects and hands-on learning. And the training session should include the three components of learning: knowledge, experiential and application.

The technology should provide a comprehensive solution that features multidimensional training tools, an immersive learning environment and ease of use. Tools that are typically present in web conferencing products are limited to things like chatting, polling and some whiteboard capabilities. Leading virtual training platforms to include additional tools such as collaborative boards, individual and immersive learning options, role play recording, breakout rooms that function will full project details, videos and the ability to have activity based learning will be the most successful in engaging participants for optimal learning.

The development of virtual training platforms and programs must provide the instructor and participant with tools that allow them to communicate frequently, confirm learning is occurring, present information in different media formats to keep things from getting boring and keep the content engaging and collaborative. This approach to learning is quite different than the traditional web conferencing focus or asynchronous platforms. The content for virtual training must be designed with participant engagement in mind. It must be developed in a way that is aimed at promoting full engagement, application learning, retention through a comprehensive learning and training strategy. Virtual training will not be successful or effective without visuals, engagement, and collaboration that can be personalized and offers hands-on access to each learner.

Virtual Training

Jigsaw Virtual Training

Facilitators and trainers must be skilled communicators in order to deliver compelling virtual training. The failure of facilitators to interact and connect with students or manage their environments effectively typically comes from limitations of the technology used, relying totally on a PowerPoint as the training tool and the inability to actively engage students in the learning process.

Benefits of Virtual Training
For all of the challenges that physical, event-based training can pose for learners and training decision-makers alike, virtual instructor-led training (VILT) offers a compelling, cost-effective and results-oriented solution to those challenges by:

▪ Offering a highly adaptive, effective and continuous learning model that focuses on application and reinforcement of new knowledge and skills over time
▪ Allows learners to train from the field with minimal disruption to productivity
▪ Includes a variety of complementary activity based tools for disseminating training content and materials in
formats that meet a diverse range of learning styles
▪ Provides the trainer confirmation that the participants have truly learned the information and can apply what
they learned to improve their performance
▪ Allows participants to immediately apply what they learn to the job
Virtual instructor-led training programs to offer a number of strategies to engage participants:
▪ A rich virtual learning environment with high learning production values
▪ Facilitator dialogue rather than facilitator monolog
▪ Collaboration among the learning group, including breakout rooms for small group projects
▪ Multimedia content, including dynamic videos and graphics, used to illustrate key concepts
▪ A variety of tools within the learning platform to facilitate a multi-dimensional flow of information across the
learning community

One of the most important aspects of virtual training learning is for the participant to be able to apply what they’ve learned in the real world. In order to ensure that, virtual training provides:

▪ Focus on the practical application of new approaches and tools
▪ Integration of all components of the learning environment including learning, application, peer collaboration
and performance coaching
▪ Contains applied work assignments that put learning into action
▪ Provides a forum for learners to share the results of their work assignments and receive feedback from peers
and the instructor

Virtual instructor-led training offers an opportunity to establish clear communication not only between trainers and learners but also between learners. This means, if implemented effectively, a virtual training session can not only help learners achieve learning goals, but it brings them closer together to form effective teams. Virtual training thrives in the transfer of knowledge through cutting-edge tools that help course authors create the best possible learning experience for learners resulting in better outcomes and performance. And, it is critical that the platform captures the engagement and performance analytics so the organization fully understands the value of the training programs.

How to Choose the Right Online Training Software

Without a doubt, the online training software industry is showing no signs of slowing down in terms of overall growth. More and more organizations are utilizing online training software to deliver employee training, while individual learners are turning to online training courses to build upon and acquire new skills. As a result, a lot more busy professionals are turning to online training courses to receive these benefits; thanks to their “work from anywhere” convenience and often affordable price points. However, with so many options available, it can be hard to know what training option is right for you.

Here are a few tips that you can consider:

1. Know your audience. Before buying an online training software, know your audience. Take into account their age, their learning needs and their attitude toward online learning. In many organizations, online learning is predominantly used by the younger crowd, while the older employees prefer face-to-face training. Some organizations have a majority of incumbent workers who are reluctant to lay a finger on technology, let alone use it to learn. If there is a mixture of young, new, and incumbent workers in your organization, it’s important that all these groups are able to relate to, and derive knowledge from, the course that you choose for them.

2. Choose simple programs that work. Online training gives employees the option to work from anywhere. As a result, the online training course itself must be concise, precise, up-to-date and easily accessible. A short online training course will download quickly and easily, making it readily accessible to your employees anywhere and everywhere. This also means that there won’t be too much fuss in setting up a simple, working course. A short online training course will only contain information that is relevant as well.

3. Buy online training software from a reliable provider. Whether it is customized online training courses or off-the-shelf online courses, do a deep dive into the backend services provided by the company. Does the provider have a reliable customer support team in place? A reliable customized content provider will have a technical team that supports any technical issues. Jigsaw is the leading edge, multi-dimensional, virtual personalized learning platform. Our online training software features interactive multimedia sharing, participant engagement tools and a reporting mechanism to effectively assess each training, session or class.

To know more about our online training software and other programs, you may contact us at (877) 571-0004.

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