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Corporate Training Software Trends to Watch Out for

Technology-based training programs are incredibly efficient. Not only do companies save time and money by eliminating the time and cost of on-site instruction, corporate training software solutions have also been proven to be much more successful at improving participation and retention of material. The advantages of training software are obvious. It’s also starting to become one of the hottest training trends in recent years. Let’s take a look at the other corporate training trends:

1. Business-centric learning. The idea of business-centric learning came onto many people’s radar last year, after a survey showed that about 40% of businesses were developing their learning strategy in alignment with business needs. Business-centric is focused on information for the learner that supports the business needs of the company. In like manner, business-centric learning involves aligning the learners’ needs with the business needs. There are two major factors necessary for effective business-centric learning. First, the business goals of the training must be clearly defined. Second, the relationship between the business goals and the training must be measureable. New technologies that enable advanced data collection and analytics can provide support for companies making the switch to business-centric learning.

2. Video-based learning. Massive open online courses (MOOCs) and other forms of online training have ushered in the era of video. Research has shown that more than 80% of learning takes place visually and that a combination of video and audio demonstrations are effective ways to learn tasks. Today, all it takes is a computer to produce a training video. As a result, video-based learning is being used more and more, not just in online courses but in traditional and blended courses as well.

3. Multiple learning formats. In addition to more video, we are seeing much more variety and flexibility in the use of learning formats. In the past, training was usually delivered either one way or another—either instructor-led training or virtual learning in a seminar or as a tutorial. But thanks to both the BYOD (bring your own device) movement, in which employees use their personal smartphones and tablets for business purposes, and new multimedia technologies, training formats can be tailored both to the content and to the needs of the learners. Blended courses, responsive design, and mobile learning are three of the ways this trend is currently manifesting.

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