Jigsaw Interactive is proud to announce the launch of our new Engagement Analytics Dashboard

March 12, 2019

Built around Jigsaw’s immersive learning platform, the Engagement Analytics Dashboard quantifies actual engagement and activity levels during training sessions. By gathering information inside the session itself, the Dashboard delivers accurate and detailed feedback to the training teams in the form of and easy to read graphs and reports.  This information offers a bird’s eye view of critical engagement that you can easily drill into for more granular information.  For the first time a facilitator will know what their participants have done during training.

Because engagement is a critical part of learning this data helps guide trainers and curriculum designers to explore and build programs based on the tools preferred by today’s learners.  Our behavioral analytics will quickly tell you what tools and content are most used by trainers and participants and which ones perform best.

With the high cost of employee disengagement and retention every company needs to ensure quality training and results so they build and support a qualified and invested workforce.

Today’s leaders know the importance of measuring, optimizing, and evaluating business processes. Artificial intelligence and analytics are dominating the workplace, helping to optimize and streamline processes in areas like sales, marketing, customer service, accounting.  When analytics are made available to decision makers at every level, the entire company’s ability to make the right decisions is improved.

Jigsaw Interactive’s patented Engagement Analytics Dashboard is the most powerful tool for understanding, measuring and optimizing training programs that help companies meet their revenue goals.

To learn more about how you can see Jigsaw’s Engagement Analytics Dashboard in action give us a call @ 1-877-517-0004 or visit us at

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