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Online Training Software for Active, Personalized Learning

Undisputedly, virtual training, or the use of online training software has helped many organizations grow and adapt with the times. Aside from the financial benefits, virtual training has become popular because it is able to solve various training and logistical problems that have frustrated facilitators.

This is why we have positioned our virtual training software to further promote active and personalized learning in the workplace. Contingent to our understanding of the value behind continuous skills training of staff to manage talent and hone potential, our software features:

  • Role play recording with immediate playback capability, individual data review and immersive learning projects to encourage active learning among the participants
  • Engagement documentation to help make training evaluations and assessments easier, simpler, and faster; data insights may also be accessed in different formats for independent review
  • Real-time monitoring of each participant or the entire group to ensure learning is occurring

For inquiries about Jigsaw’s online training software or to request a demo, contact us at 877-571-0004 today!

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