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Online Training Software for Reseller Programs

Get the online virtual training tools you need at Jigsaw to complete a custom reseller partner program. Compared to traditional settings, virtual training will enable you to onboard, train, and manage more resellers. Online training software will also make communication and information management easier and faster for sales managers and resellers alike.

Whether your reseller program is for retail or direct selling, Jigsaw’s virtual training software is easy to set up and easy to follow. It can connect resellers anywhere around the world for training, strategizing, and executing business goals.

Get a free demo today and experience firsthand the ease by which you can document policies, facilitate training, conduct certifications—Jigsaw’s software is designed to be a one-stop shop for active learning.

Our multi-dimensional online training software is widely used across corporate, education, government, and healthcare sectors. For inquiries about our virtual learning program or to avail of a free demo, please do not hesitate to contact us at 877-571-0004.

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