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Online Training Software for Product Training: Top 3 Reasons Why Your Organization Needs It

Have you ever approached a sales person or a store employee to ask about the new product they recently launched only to be given blank stares or incoherent answers? Chances are this turned you off, and you left without making a purchase. This is where online training software will come in handy.

The above scenario is precisely what you should avoid at all costs when you’re launching a new product. You don’t want to turn off a potential customer because the employee they talked to couldn’t communicate to them the value of your new product. Give your employees the information they need to prevent such incidents from ever occurring.

Here are the Top 3 reasons why you should conduct a product training for all your employees prior to product launch:

1. Information. Information about your new product isn’t restricted to the specifications of the product itself. If anything, the specs should be the last point of discussion on your product training—or at least, not the first one to be highlighted. Above it was mentioned that it’s important to impart to customers the value of the product, and this should be the focus of the Information module in your customized online training software. Simply put, discuss the value that the product provides to your customers. What are the benefits of using the new product? How will it enhance your audiences’ lives?

2. Effective communication. When your employees have all the necessary information about your new product, they become more confident; and confidence is a key factor in effective communication. It’s also important to note here that effective communication in terms of disseminating product information generally means giving brief, concise information—straight to the point, to help them make a quick, informed decision.

3. Good impression. An employee who is knowledgeable about the product makes a good first impression by answering all questions to each clients’ satisfaction. This is generally the first step in building trust.

All of these are key components to an effective and efficient product launch. And with Jigsaw’s online training software, you can conduct your product trainings even without being in the same location as your employees. And with the modules readily accessible any time, they can go back to these whenever the need arises.

If you need more information about our online training solutions, or you would like to experience using the software before purchase, you may request for a demo here.

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