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Online Training Software: Top 3 Skills Customer Service Teams Need for Effective Service

Poor customer service is often one of the reasons why first-time and even loyal customers turn to your competitors. Regardless of whether it’s before, during, or after sales, exceptional customer service is a key ingredient in customer retention and loyalty. Regular training of your customer service team is therefore important for business. Jigsaw’s online training software affords organizations the convenience of training their teams at any given time.

One may observe that customer service is at its finest before sales; primarily because they want to close the deal and make a sale. Attentive, alert, and ready to please, customer service representatives always have their best foot forward before and during sales. The horror stories come after the sale has been made.

It has been said numerous times by different company owners or leaders of the organization that employees are a business’ best asset. Don’t give them room to become a liability, and instead, conduct regular trainings to hone their skills and help them develop new ones. With online training software on hand, you can conduct your trainings even before the need arises.

Here are the Top 3 skills that every customer service representative must possess:

1. Effective communication. Effective communication is at the core of an exceptionally delivered customer support service. Apart from clear and concise statements, answers or inquiries about the customer’s concern, effective communication means, more than anything, listening to what the customer is saying. And the goal is to provide assistance as best they could without having to defend the company, product, or in some instances, an employee with whom the customer had a disagreement.

2. Knowledge. Suffice it to say that a customer support representative who doesn’t know what he or she is talking about—one with very little knowledge of the company’s products and services—is not in a position to provide proper assistance to the customer. Knowledge is power, and in this case, knowledge could translate to a satisfied customer.

Flexibility. Flexibility in customer service entails being able to adapt to every type of customer. Each customer is unique and has his or her own quirks and preferences. To be able to deliver exceptional customer service, the representative should be flexible enough to ‘accommodate’ the customers’ individuality.

It’s also important to include patience here. A customer support representative needs to have patience—lots of it, because as mentioned, every customer is different; and they respond differently as well to the kind of assistance that the representative provides. Patience, in a way, is the glue that holds all of these elements together.

If you would like to learn more about Jigsaw’s online training software, you are encouraged to request for a demo here.

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