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Personalizing Learning to Increase Training Effectiveness

Personalized learning strategies are no longer an option, they have become a necessity. Corporate leaders recognize the influence technology has on their employees. What tools were used to train before now bore employees because they expect and need more.

Research backs this up. Humans reportedly now have an attention span of just eight seconds, causing training effectiveness to be an elusive goal.

To navigate these challenges, aware HR teams are turning their energy towards personalized learning strategies. Leveraging this strategy can save your company time and money while providing tremendous benefit to your team.

Why Personalized Learning Works

Personalized learning offers a variety of benefits including targeted learning, customized methods, and increased engagement.

Personalized strategies deliver targeted knowledge based on the individual’s abilities. By taking a pre-test, for example, you can see where your employees stand and what they require to absorb the information you need them to.

Customized strategies help you address learning styles. Undoubtedly, your company will have some individuals who are kinesthetic learners and others who prefer visual or auditory learning. Personalized training offers different ways to take in that training in a way that works for them. This is a simple, yet effective way to create a personalized learning experience for your employees.

Increased engagement is another benefit of using personalized learning. Personalization increases engagement by tracking what works best for your employees. Understanding what they want and need improves their engagement levels.

How to Make Personalized Learning Work for Your Employees

Now that you know the why behind personalized learning, the next question is how to maximize its effectiveness. There are multiple ways to provide training using this method and different areas you can use it for, especially within corporate learning.

On-demand content is one area that is particularly useful. Nowadays, learners expect to learn at their own pace. Personalized training works because it offers options like on-demand learning. Instead of demanding your employees to follow a set schedule, on-demand training options provide flexibility.

Personalized training also provides managers with critical learner data that identifies skill gaps and aids in the preparation of customized training programs.

Additionally, personalized training can also contribute to socialization within your organization. Collaborative learning promotes communication and engagement between employees, giving you stronger teams in the process.

Ideally virtual instructor lead training (VILT) blended with some on demand content review provides companies and employees a solid approach to the many training needs of their teams.

Training Should Grow with Employees

Another key to personalized training is growth.

As your employees stay with your organization, their skills and requirements will change, and so should your training information.

Choosing training modules that allow for flexibility and functionality for your employees produces higher quality results.

Make your training match your employee’s evolution for increased training effectiveness.

Personalized Learning Strategies = Increased Effectiveness

Forcing your employees to complete irrelevant training will guarantee low completion rates and engagement. And one-size-fits-all learning overlooks the role the learner plays in the process.

The good news is, personalized learning does not have to be overwhelming. Time and again, customized learning strategies have proven to increase training effectiveness and employee engagement.

With the right tools and approach, your organization can thrive with properly educated employees.

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