Customer Support

At Jigsaw Interactive, our mantra is icare.

Our commitment to ensuring our team works and communicates with the highest level of integrity is a key component of Jigsaw Interactive’s customer care program.  We drive everything we do through an open and honest connection with our team and our customers.

Customer Service
Our commitment to providing a platinum level of customer service is at the center of everything we do.  We strive to exceed expectations around providing a responsive and quality customer care program.  Our customer care starts internally through a commitment to each employee and each other.  Our employees experience this commitment so they emulate it to all of our customers.

We hold every team member accountable to delivering the best experience for our customers.  The Jigsaw team works closely together to ensure that any issue or customer concern is immediately acknowledged and given the highest level of priority.  While we provide dedicated Account Managers, everyone works together to deliver a timely resolution.

Jigsaw Interactive’s priority is to allow our customer’s to see and experience better results through our technology.  By utilizing the key components and tools of Jigsaw, trainers and participants have an opportunity to truly engage and immerse themselves in a highly responsive work/training environment.  This translates into better producing teams, higher levels of employee engagement and a higher retention rate of knowledge.

Jigsaw is, and will always be, focused on delivering the highest level of excellence to our customers.  Our excellence in providing state of the art technology helps our customers focus on excellence to their team and organization.   We lead by serving others and always aim to exceed the expectations of our customers and partners.

We Are Ready to Help

When you become a Jigsaw customer or partner, you get:

  • A dedicated Account Manager and technical support team
  • A team of professionals committed to your success
  • Secure 24/7 Customer Support access
  • Convenient ways to report any technical or customer support issues
  • Assurance that any issues and feedback will always be acknowledged and receive a high level of priority
  • Our commitment to deliver our ICARE values in every communication

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