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Hands-On Training Tailored to Maximize Your Success

Getting the most out of any tool requires hands-on guidance from experts who know how to transition to virtual immersive technology. Jigsaw Interactive provides a full Train the Trainer program that focuses on what the technology does and how to use it. We offer Professional Services tailored around teaching individuals and teams how to optimize virtual tools.

While many trainers have a tremendous amount of experience training teams in the traditional classroom style, when you move them to a virtual environment they need to be able to transition their skills to virtual.  Our workshops help them understand how this can be done and what’s critical in this transition that will make their virtual programs engaging, immersive and successful.

We focus on specific challenges that organizations experience when moving into a digital environment and share proven best practices to overcome those challenges.

We Are Ready to Help

When you become a Jigsaw customer or partner, you get:

  • A dedicated Account Manager and technical support team
  • A team of professionals committed to your success
  • Secure 24/7 Customer Support access
  • Convenient ways to report any technical or customer support issues
  • Assurance that any issues and feedback will always be acknowledged and receive a high level of priority
  • Our commitment to deliver our ICARE values in every communication

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