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5 Common Causes of Decreased Employee Engagement

Engagement is a key focus for HR departments. Employee engagement is a global problem that costs companies hundreds of billions of dollars. The causes of employee disengagement aren’t cut and dry. The top drivers of employee engagement can be mitigated by HR and management strategies that involve the employees. Understanding some of the common causes […]

Measuring ROI in Corporate Training

The world’s top performing business leaders understand the importance of properly evaluating the Return On Investment of corporate training programs. To thrive in business today, training must be done effectively and efficiently. Understanding the return on investment for employee training can aid in making better business decisions and can quickly strengthen a team and employee […]

Training to Improve Productivity

The importance of training and development is not to be overlooked. Unfortunately, training budgets are the first ones to get cut. But investing in employee development can manage liability risk, reduce employee turnover and improve productivity, increase performance and helps attract and retain the highest qualified employees. It can also improve the bottom line and […]

Consulting Groups

Collaborating with clients is the lifeblood of consulting groups, who frequently send teams of “road warriors” to customer sites around the country and the world to work on projects. This approach provides live interaction vital for successful project completion, at the cost of significant downtime and expenses related to travel. Jigsaw Interactive’s immersive virtual engagement […]

Communications and Networks

Major communications and network providers compete in a fast-paced market where customers expect rapid improvements in technology and other capabilities. To effectively compete requires constant internal development and review of new products that appeal to tech-savvy customers. Employees also need continual training to maintain a high level of knowledge of their companies’ products so they […]


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