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Using Online Training Software in Different Fields

As options for online learning continue to expand, a growing number of entrepreneurs are using online training software to keep their staff on the cutting edge. Using tools for online training, including videos, apps, and webinars, rather than sending employees to expensive training seminars or bringing in pricey consultants to train on site, can save startups and growing businesses both money and time.

Corporate and management training. In the past, corporate training was one of the least cost effective elements of business. It required hiring specialists in Human Resource Development which resulted in loss of employee productivity and often was hit or miss in effecting the most desired results. Jigsaw’s platform changes the dynamics of virtual training for better results in the corporate environment. Both facilitators and learners receive real time confirmation that learning is occurring. Each person can determine the data most important to them and then independently review that information in different formats that meet their learning styles.

Virtual learning. If you run or manage an educational organization, you undoubtedly discuss ways to make the classroom and learning experience better. For one thing, finding a learning solution that delivers consistent results across all levels of your organization is probably a tall order. All too often, traditional learning options are so cumbersome and difficult to manage that educational organizations are never able to implement them properly. Jigsaw differs from all other virtual learning environments in its multi-dimensional learning approach. It allows students to optimize their learning experience inside a virtual classroom personally designed for them. Students can personally review specific data to ensure their individual understanding of the material. Also, activity tools engage and track each student’s performance in real time.

Healthcare training. For doctors with remote patients, Jigsaw enhances the relationship and lines of communication between healthcare teams and the patients they treat. Using the virtual learning platform, doctors, physician assistants or nurses can review relevant information, instructions and treatment plans using Jigsaw’s tools, such as video, presentation, image gallery and documents library. They can receive real time confirmation that the patient and his family understand what is being presented. They have the opportunity to see the patient virtually and assess how they are doing directly after returning home.

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