Wayne Moniz
Director of Global Training

Headquartered in Frisco, TX, Genband is a global company with major operations in 50 countries and provides IP-based real time communications software solutions and products for fixed wire-line, mobile and cable service providers and large enterprises. “The main issue I had was the inability to app share a virtual desktop from behind our corporate firewalls. We needed to give our students access to the lab equipment on which they must learn to manage while isolating them from the general public,” says Wayne Moniz, Genband’s Director of Global Training. Moniz met the Jigsaw team at an ATD conference (Association for Talent Development), and after looking at Adobe Connect, Citrix and SABA Centra, he selected Jigsaw for many reasons: “Jigsaw team’s willingness to work with us, their cloud services, 24-7 desktop support and because they developed [the platform] with effective training in mind.” He adds, “we are most pleased with the online tutorials which were a great help, short and to the point.” Genband uses Jigsaw for virtual online courses, internal instructor cross-training, company-wide staff training and third-party on-boarding events which connects over 2000 external or customer students per year, and hosts up to 30 internal staff at one time. Moniz adds, “the best thing about using Jigsaw is the speed and ease of use for us and for our customers who experience less downtime.” When asked about what he would say to anyone contemplating a purchase like this, Moniz responded, “we have tried several other tools that are similar but are not geared toward training. We didn’t have a good working relationship with others and they didn’t respond quickly to our needs. Jigsaw was hands down, the best experience we have had so far in our 15+ years using similar technology.”

Courtney Cordova
Director of Learning and Development

Courtney Cordova, Director of Learning and Development, describes her company, Rush Enterprises, as the largest commercial truck dealer network in the US. Founded in 1965, Rush Enterprises is a full-service, integrated retailer of premium transportation and construction equipment and related services. In response to a national decline in the oil and gas industry, most companies have been forced to tighten their travel budgets. This meant that Rush Enterprises needed to adopt a virtual alternative to maintain their training schedules with a nationwide team distributed across 120 service centers. Cordova acknowledges that she searched for “Virtual Training Platforms” in her browser and investigated as well as tried well- branded tools such as Webex, GotoMeeting, and Adobe Connect. “I found Jigsaw when I stumbled across an online classroom tool review page that listed Jigsaw as the best!” recalls Cordova. She adds that “while Rush Enterprises had never held virtual sessions, we selected Jigsaw because it had so many capabilities, it focused on adult learning, and I just knew we were getting the best option for our employees that would allow them to learn, just in a different way.” Rush currently uses Jigsaw for virtual live training, meetings, and even for recording a video on their high potential program offerings—they’ll soon be expanding its use to replace their internal conference calls. Currently, Rush has 500 of its 7,000 employees actively using Jigsaw four times a month, and anticipates reaching all very soon. Cordova adds, “the biggest surprise about using Jigsaw was seeing all the participants’ faces during training; I’m most pleased with the positive reactions I’m getting from participants—they all think it’s ‘very cool’.” The top three benefits Cordova describes that Rush receives from using Jigsaw are 1) the business savings from reduced travel costs, 2) the learning and development team continues to learn new facilitation techniques, and 3) the live sessions are fun and more engaging for everyone.

Tanya Mack

Success for Tanya Mack, President of Women’s Telehealth, means reaching 1,000,000 women, and Mack estimates she’s already 10% closer to her goal. Based in Atlanta, Women’s Telehealth provides high-risk obstetric services to women who may not have the means or resources to receive specialized care. “We were looking for a technology application that would allow us to train remote healthcare providers to get us the right picture,” Mack explains while referencing the vital importance to obtaining the right diagnosis from an ultrasonic image that’s accurate. Mack’s application research included looking at what her husband used at his company which were enterprise-wide Net Meeting and GotoMeeting applications. Mack adds, “I just thought those applications provided very little interaction and the moderator was always in control.” Mack happened to meet Jigsaw’s founders at a local business networking meeting. “My biggest surprise about using Jigsaw was how deep and robust it is. We selected Jigsaw for its video capability and for the flexibility it provides—it enables all of our users to control their session.” Mack references the ability to upload an image and make annotations on that image in real time, and adds that “the flexibility for our users and the cost savings from moving our outside sales to ‘in-sales’ using Jigsaw has been a real benefit to us—it has helped us shift our business model. I also think we are a lot closer to our customers, and can provide them with more “show me opportunities.” A strong proponent of Jigsaw, Mack often recommends Jigsaw to others declaring “Jigsaw will do everything you want, but serve you coffee.”

Josh Penzell
Director of Faculty and Training

I’ve never seen anything like Jigsaw,” says Josh Penzell, Director of Faculty and Training for Communispond. Headquartered in East Hampton, NY, Communispond is a boutique communications firm that provides skills-based communication courses to corporate professionals. Penzell was in search of an application that would help the company transition its popular two-day curriculum course to a virtual platform so they could better serve clients less able to travel due to reduced travel budgets. The unique value to Communispond’s live classroom learning model is how much active role-playing and immediate critiquing is embedded its face-to-face two-day course. To find a virtual alternative that could ensure the role-playing and playback was equally effective in a virtual setting. Penzell knew he had his work cut out for him. Searching in his browser for “Live Presentation” and “Live Meeting,” he looked at well-known brands such as Webex and GotoMeeting but none of them could replicate Communispond’s live classroom model like Jigsaw did. “Jigsaw lets the learner oversee his or her learning from virtually anywhere—it’s not a one-way presentation. Jigsaw’s unique capability is its ability to record students’ video and audio in real time and then, enable immediate playback.” Penzell knew Jigsaw was the right solution for Communispond because of the immediate video recording and playback functionality, and he adds, “Jigsaw provides so many more opportunities for learners to engage with us, and with one another—because they can use the breakout rooms. There’s something to be said about the flexibility that it offers and how it combines the functionality of the other presentation applications into a one-stop-shop!”

Jamie Brey
Learning Technology and Design Manager

Located north of Chicago, Medcor provides onsite health and wellness clinics, 24/7 telephone injury triage and construction health and safety training to companies of all sizes nationwide. “We have associates all around the US, Canada and the Philippines, and we needed to expand our reach while at the same time, reduce our training costs,” says Jamie Brey, Learning Technology and Design Manager for Medcor. Medcor has 1,200 associates nationwide and many participate in a six-week onsite training course. Participants travel back and forth in that time—which meant travel costs were increasing the cost of training exponentially. Brey recalls looking at several online presentation applications like GotoTraining and Adobe Connect and thought they lacked what Medcor needed. She learned about Jigsaw when she conducted a web search for “Companies like GotoTraining.” Brey acknowledges, “we were new to virtual and my biggest fear was how to move away from an instructor-led course to training in a virtual environment—that was my biggest hurdle.” Medcor selected Jigsaw because Brey felt it was easy to learn and navigate and provided opportunities for ‘just in time’ training. “The biggest surprise about using Jigsaw,” says Brey, “is its ease of use—it’s really simple.” Brey adds that the unique thing about Jigsaw is how responsive and how willing the Jigsaw team is available to help, and her next step with using Jigsaw will be to expand its use across more of her trainers and learn how to create more virtual modules. When asked about Jigsaw’s benefits to Medcor, Brey shares “besides the recognizable cost savings from using Jigsaw, we have broadened our reach to connect to the associates who wouldn’t normally travel to headquarters for training, and I can already see the future possibilities of expanding our training into different areas of our company. Jigsaw is helping Medcor change the way we train.”

Darryl Britt
President and Founder

For over 18 years, DC based Apprio, has been providing specialized technology solutions and programs to health, defense and homeland security markets. Like many companies in the last 10 years, government entities were equally affected by budget cuts-seen primarily in reduced travel for training and client meetings. “We needed to come up with a way to meet with our clients if I couldn’t meet them face-to-face, and Skype was not only inconsistent, it couldn’t meet most government hardware requirements; says Darryl Britt, President and Founder of Apprio. Each government agency with which Britt and his team work has different hardware and communication specifications and are equally concerned with cyber security. Britt adds that Apprio was using two to three solutions at once to offer video and voice conferencing, but says that “the allure of Jigsaw was its multi-modal interface enabling 2-way conversation that could very closely mimic our classroom training model-students can visibly raise their hand to get the instructor’s attention.” Britt notes the best thing about Jigsaw is the ease of getting up and running in a browser environment. Apprio uses Jigsaw for training its remote users on a new program or software application and sees Jigsaw providing real benefits to his company: 1) the ability to easily communicate to a wide audience during training, 2) conduct a session and provide a secondary piece of content, and most importantly, 3) the ability to get the metrics on participant engagement to ensure learning compliance. Britt recognizes Jigsaw to be “a different model likely to be the future of learning” as he references the multi-media formats in each of the four panes. “If you look at my workforce, and saw the younger workforce that’s coming up, they learn with those multiple streams, and honestly, that’s the future.” Britt finishes by saying “I know that Jigsaw was the right solution because it’s the only solution that does what I need in one package.”

Jeanie Bress
Senior Vice President of Global Sales

“We’re in the business of helping people communicate more effectively and we define our success based on the number of clients that return to us,” says Jeanie Bress, Senior Vice President of Global Sales for Communispond. Bress explains that the needs of Communispond’s clients continues to change, which means that Communispond needs flexible solutions to meet those changes. “We’re known for providing one of the most effective classrooms for communication training. But because our clients’ travel budgets were decreasing—many asked us if we could provide our courses virtually.” Bress and her team looked at other web-based training platforms but found the video capability for some of the more popular brands was exceptionally slow. They met the Jigsaw team at an ATD conference (Association for Talent Development) and saw, to quote Bress, “how Jigsaw’s capabilities mirrored our actual classroom.” Bress and her team were excited to see how Jigsaw could immediately upload and playback presentations to enable coaching in real time. Adopting Jigsaw enabled Communispond to quickly address the needs of its current client base, and as Bress adds, “it also opened up new business opportunities for us in the virtual professional training market.” Communispond has been using Jigsaw as its virtual live training platform for over two years. When asked why she would recommend Jigsaw, Bress adds that “the Jigsaw team works really hard every day for their clients, they truly wanted to understand our business—they were very adaptive to our needs.”

Al Mellina

We are a global consulting company with resources in major cities around the world and have a need to keep our consultants up to date. We have been using Jigsaw at our firm for training and corporate meetings. Due to the complexities of our corporate environment as brought upon by regulations, security threats and new corporate products and services it is imperative that we have a tool that provides accountability.

Globalization has resulted in workers collaborating and working remotely. Additionally, today’s workforce is dynamic and spans four generations. The new profile of workers is young, mobile and computer literate. These factors require greater flexibility and a secure and easy way to meet virtually. Jigsaw addresses these needs and meets users’ individual learning styles.

With Jigsaw our company is able to ensure accountability, flexibility and a secure way to meet virtually. We are able to view and download presentations, collaborate on whiteboards, use videos, instant polling, VoIP, and record all meetings. The reporting feature records details of the meeting for easy reference. Jigsaw is easy to use and has provided us with time and financial savings. We highly recommend it.

Billy Beesley

iForward is an online public charter school within the Grantsburg School District in Grantsburg, WI. iForward’s school principal, Billy Beesley adds, “we are in our tenth year of offering education to the students of Wisconsin, free of charge. Our model requires our students to attend live teaching sessions daily with all their teachers. Our success is partially measured by the number of students we graduate every year.” Beesley met the Jigsaw team at an iNACOL conference years ago when the iForward staff was looking for an alternative solution to Blackboard Collaborate—in particular, an application that could offer “quick and easy logon and application sharing capabilities not confounded by Java.” Beesley reports, “we selected Jigsaw because the interactive classrooms we created with Jigsaw are new, creative and innovative, and because the Jigsaw team was willing to modify their platform to meet our needs.” The iForward staff uses Jigsaw for teaching live sessions, homerooms, faculty meetings, student council meetings, clubs, and IEP meetings just to name a few. Beesley estimates Jigsaw is used about 75 times per school day by about 40 of his staff, 600 students and their parents. When asked why he would recommend Jigsaw, Beesley adds, “my teachers and students are happy we made the switch. I think the cost is fairly priced, the interacting capabilities have made our school function better, the down time is extremely low (measured in minutes, not in days as with our previous platform) and their customer service is outstanding.”

Jason Zonnevylle
Technology Specialist

“The unique thing about Jigsaw is its four-pane session—I’ve never seen anything like it,” says Jason Zonnevylle, Technology Specialist for Treca Digital Academy. Treca is a K-12 digital online school serving approximately 1,700-2,200 students throughout the state of Ohio. Zonnevylle is the first line of tech support for Treca’s teachers and students, and adds “we had whiteboard programs like Illuminate and we were looking for a platform that focused on the educational side—one that would enable teachers to take advantage of what was in their classrooms to better help their students—instead of just talking on the phone and using email.” Zonnevylle notes that he and other staff adopted Jigsaw because of the “desktop sharing capability which meant teachers could share their screen with the students, as well as the four-pane interface which enabled students to see a lot of things going on—it’s much more engaging.” Four to five Treca teachers first started using Jigsaw with classrooms of 15-20 students in each session. Zonnevylle acknowledges that many more teachers are using Jigsaw primarily for the breakout rooms and 1:1 teacher-student support and reinforcement functionality. “I know that Jigsaw was the right solution because teachers picked it up very quickly, and are sharing resources actively with their students. I’ve seen an increase in student participation and engagement.” Besides the educational benefit, Jigsaw has made Zonnevylle’s job a lot easier because the cloud-based platform makes troubleshooting easy from anywhere.

Kathi Thomas
Director of Student Learning Labs

Located in Catasauqua, PA, Bridgeway Academy provides K-12 home schooling programs nationwide that can be customized to the home school learner, be it home school diplomas through conventional textbook curricula, self-paced programs or their newest program which offers a live class option. Kathi Thomas is the Director of Student Learning Labs which is Bridgeway’s newest division that has evolved from a real home school market that had a strong request for live online enrichment courses. Operating for six years, the Learning Lab division started looking for a platform that was more user-friendly and technologically consistent than the Illuminate program which “just wasn’t working well for us,” Thomas notes. Bridgeway selected Jigsaw “because it was an easier program to use from both teacher and student perspectives—it does so much and provides so many ways for our students to learn!” Bridge- way’s Learning Lab division uses Jigsaw an estimated 15 or more times every week hosting approximately 150 users. “I know Jigsaw was the right solution because of [Jigsaw’s] continued
desire to meet our needs—they are extremely responsive and are always there for us—they were willing to simplify their login protocols to enable a single LMS login for our students. They allow our home-based students to contact them, which has saved us a lot of time,” explains Thomas. When asked what makes Jigsaw unique, Thomas immediately says teachers are always finding new features to support their instruction and Jigsaw has a broad set of features. Bridgeway’s Learning Labs division uses Jigsaw for live classes, interviews and team meetings, and Thomas adds, “One of the main benefits to using Jigsaw is that we’ve seen an increase in student engagement—which helps us deliver truly interactive instruction and grow our program.”

Kate Allison
Executive Director

iSucceed Virtual High School is an online charter school based in Boise, Idaho. “You need multiple methods of delivery when using online communications software,” says Katie Allison, iSucceed’s Executive Director. Allison adds, “success for us is when we can achieve meaningful communication in an online setting that promotes connection and learning—we need to humanize the process by using text, audio, graphics, documents, and minimize technical issues.” iSucceed was using Adobe Connect when incompatibility with Chromebooks and their lack of support drove Allison and her staff to look at other options. “We looked at WizIQ and Hangouts but each of those products did not fully meet our needs for an online school.” Jigsaw was referred to iSucceed by a curriculum provider and Allison reports that iSucceed selected Jigsaw for its “flexibility, multiple tools, many delivery options, the ability to share screens and
record sessions” and equally important it had to be accessible via Chromebooks—which browser-based Jigsaw could. The iSucceed team uses Jigsaw for online help sessions, live classroom sessions and meetings. Allison adds that “the best thing about Jigsaw is its friendly interface,” adding that “it’s unique given how many delivery options there are—it makes it feasible for both live classes and meetings.” Allison describes Jigsaw’s customer service and client handling as “excellent” and says, “we are most pleased with the flexibility plus Jigsaw’s team’s willingness to improve the system based on our suggestions.”

Ron Clark

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