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The Three Types of Learning – Part III – Application Learning

As much as we sang the praises of experiential learning in the previous article, it’s important to note that experiential learning isn’t the be-all and end-all of learning. The best approach is to incorporate all learning types since each one offers a piece of the learning puzzle. In this article, we’ll look at application learning as a third approach that can be included in a strategic training program that yields maximum ROI, increases employee morale, and minimizes costly employee turnover. What is application learning? Application is the ultimate form of

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Getting Ready for Summer – Part III

In this article, we’ll focus on the learning loss that takes place for high school-aged students. We’ll look at how teachers and parents can work together to prepare these students for the next school year and graduation. Learning loss studies typically focus on elementary and middle school and not quite as much on high school.   Teachers can attest that learning loss continues to take place for high school students. From reading comprehension to math equations to historical dates to scientific concepts, high school students experience academic losses during the summer.

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How Would Your Employees Rate Your Training?

Post-training surveys have become standard practice for most organizations. You know the drill: After a training session that lasts several hours, you give your learners five minutes at the very end to rate the training in terms of whether they

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