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The Role of Corporate Culture in Training and Retention – Part III

This article is focused on the growth and retention of the workforce and how that impacts corporate growth and success.  Empowering a learning and development team to build an employee development strategy is an important step in strengthening your team.  Ensuring that training is designed to engage the learners by letting them own their learning experience becomes even more important.  Gone are the days when trainers can lecture to their audience.  Today, involvement and problem solving by the trainees is needed and required if learning is the goal.  Growth With

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The Value of High-Quality, Responsive Customer Service in Virtual Education

Virtual education has become a booming business in recent years with more parents opting to enroll their children in virtual schools across the country. And now, more school districts are making virtual learning options available for parents to choose. While there are many upsides for families learning virtually, such as eliminating the need for transportation and escaping poor building conditions, bullying, and school violence, one would be remiss if they didn’t mention the downsides to virtual learning. Perhaps the biggest problem when it comes to teaching students virtually vs. in

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Missed Social Opportunities & the Impact on Kids

Missed social opportunities during the pandemic have affected our students in immeasurable ways. They have led to a decrease in the overall mental health of our students and they have resulted in unintended behavioral consequences.   Healthy social interactions are important

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