Change How You Train

“The goal of education is understanding, the goal of training is performance"

- Frank Bell

Immersive learning tools let you get participants actively working
Confirm knowledge transfer in real-time
Use multiple tools simultaneously to increase attention and engagement

Increase Attendee Engagement

No matter how good your trainers and content are, if you're not involving the learner you're missing the mark. With multiple tools for hands on and personalized learning, Jigsaw provides a solution that helps drive increased engagement.

Improve Learning Effectiveness

Learning is about doing. For learners to get the most from training they need to be able to engage with the trainer, other learners and the content. Activity-based training increases learning retention by 70%+ over lecture-based programs.

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Perfect for Sales Simulation Training

Prepare your sales teams through role play rooms focused on product introduction and positioning or sales strategies.

Ideal for Software Training

Good software training has to include hands on work in the software. Using Jigsaw's multi-screen sharing option, trainers can see up to 25 attendees screens simultaneously make software training easier and more cost effective for companies.

"Learning is an experience. Everything else is just information."

Safe & Secure

100% of Jigsaw traffic is 256-bit AES encrypted and there are no downloads or installs required. Jigsaw is GDPR, HIPAA, FERPA and COPPA compliant.

Built Specifically for Training, Teaching & Learning

Before training commences, learning objectives should be explained to ensure everyone understands their engagement is critical to achieving the stated objectives. Built specifically for live virtual learning and training, Jigsaw focuses on the learner and learning results.

Small Group Learning

Activity-based learning is more successful in small groups where engagement is required of everyone to meet the task at hand.


It's All About Learning

If your goal is to improve employee performance and productivity using the right technology for training is as important as using the correct curriculum. Specialized for live virtual learning and training, Jigsaw is the right tool for the job.

Learning Confirmation

If you don't measure learning results during training how do you know the goals and objectives were met and by whom? Assessments during training identify areas of weakness in real-time and offers instant remedial review to correct and support the learner.

World-Class Support

Our customer care program uses multiple channels to report issues so our customers are assured their requests will be acknowledged and resolved as quickly as possible.

Director of Sales
Director of Sales
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“Jigsaw makes it easy to coordinate small group learning in break out rooms. I can choose different content or project information for each room along with choosing the different tools we need the team to use and I have the ability to change this on the fly.”
President & CEO
President & CEO
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“I like to have the best tools for my workforce. We have used most of the well-known, web-conferencing tools but found they are very limited for training and learning. Jigsaw offers a learning environment that meets the unique needs of each person participating in training.”
Head of Global Sales
Head of Global Sales
Fortune 500 Consulting Company
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“We’ve used many virtual meeting solutions but they just don’t work for the training. Jigsaw focuses on providing a virtual learning environment. Our trainers have become producers of the learning experience for their audience. That’s quite powerful to me.”
Director of Learning & Development
Director of Learning & Development
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“Most companies think using a web-conferencing system will work for training, but reality is it doesn’t. Training requires being able to engage people by getting them involved in the program in ways that web-conferencing systems don’t have. Jigsaw was built with many activity-based tools designed to let participants own their learning experience by doing. We haven’t found anything like it and it’s been very successful for our team.”
VP of Sales
VP of Sales
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“With the pandemic we had to switch gears for training very quickly. Jigsaw provides us a virtual training platform that closely mirrors our in-person training. Using Jigsaw, we can have virtual labs for software training and we can easily have role playing exercises for our sales teams.”
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