Jigsaw Interactive’s patented immersive virtual engagement platform offers a unique suite of capabilities for all types of team collaboration, training and education – anytime, anywhere.


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Jigsaw includes multidimensional functionality that enables sharing of popular file types such as videos, MP3s, presentations, documents, spreadsheets, PDFs and more.

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Jigsaw accommodates each participant’s learning style to optimize learning and retention. The key to learning is having hands-on access to information. With Jigsaw, your training team can build creative and immersive learning scenarios where participants actively work on activities and projects.

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We accelerate knowledge and skill acquisition, which increases productivity and strengthens employee engagement. The ultimate goal is to have a stronger, more knowledgeable workforce who can utilize the knowledge gained from training. With the various accountability tools using Jigsaw for compliance training is ideal because activities and results are fully and automatically documented.

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Our performance metrics track individual and group participation and performance in real time. Fourteen comprehensive reports detailing performance, activities, and the effectiveness the session are automatically available at the end of every session. Jigsaw also has an Engagement Analytics Dashboard that tracks every action done by everyone who joins a Jigsaw session. This information can be viewed in multiple, customizable formats.

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Only Jigsaw offers virtual training that focuses on the actual learning process and covers all three components of learning: knowledge, application and experience. With our unique immersive, multidimensional and activity-based tools, facilitators can fully engage their teams during training and can have activity and project-based training sessions.


Jigsaw provides virtual classrooms that offer teachers and students an environment focused on individualized learning and participation. Students want and need the ability to actively work and manipulate information during class. This hands-on access enhances the learning process and encourages the engagement essential to optimize learning. Only Jigsaw offers students the unique opportunity to proactively review information delivered in multiple formats. Teachers can easily “flip” their classroom during a live class through our activity-based tools.

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Jigsaw Interactive offers persistent work rooms to connect your global and dispersed teams so they can virtually work together anytime. These persistent rooms house all the content and work that is done. This information is retained for as long as the team needs so they can immediately continue their project where they left off from the previous session.

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