Live Virtual Collaboration

Jigsaw Interactive offers persistent work rooms to connect your global and dispersed teams so they can actively work together virtually anytime.

Jigsaw’s virtual collaboration capabilities allow teams to get right to the benefits of virtually working together in a live environment. Using Jigsaw for live virtual collaboration, they experience the benefits of a live working relationship with the convenience of a virtual platform. Our system stores all project content along with the work being accomplished so teams can easily retrieve it and pick up where they left off, improving overall project speed and quality.

Live Virtual Collaboration

Jigsaw’s virtual collaboration capabilities include:

Global & Dispersed Team Projects
Staying competitive in today’s digital global marketplace often requires organizations to build teams whose members are spread around the country or around the world. Getting teams together at the same time and place can pose various logistical challenges but waiting for in-person meetings to collaborate can prevent projects being done on time. Jigsaw Interactive’s virtual platform enables organizations to build the teams they need based on their skills and knowledge, not on their geographic location. Team members can schedule regular meetings, bring in materials and individuals as needed, and work faster and more effectively with tools specifically designed to improve skills and productivity. All work done in Jigsaw can easily be extracted or can remain in the room so it’s there when the team meets again. New information can also easily be added by anyone on the team, improving efficiency for the whole group.
Product Development
Product development requires teams to meet frequently to strategize, design and collaborate. Jigsaw Interactive can enable your product development team to revolutionize the speed, cost and quality of product development. Our persistent open work rooms enable your team to simultaneously share and update product information, brainstorm ideas, review specifications and work toward launch-ready versions quickly. You can also use our platform for virtual focus groups to get early and ongoing feedback.
Sales Strategies & Reviews
Widely distributed sales teams need frequent interaction among team members to develop and implement effective strategies and to leverage ever-changing opportunities. Review and strategy sessions are essential for companies to overcome sales challenges and maximize current and future profits. Jigsaw Interactive enables sales teams to virtually review sales campaigns, share and update information, and collaborate in real time. Our multidimensional, activity-based tools help sales teams learn more about their products and customers enabling companies to move faster than their competition to identify and leverage new opportunities.
Coaching & Mentoring Sessions
A challenge that dispersed teams frequently experience is difficulty in having the best supervisors or managers mentor new team leaders. Scheduling conflicts and the inability to effectively communicate at a distance can put new leaders at risk of failing at the supervisory level. Jigsaw Interactive offers the ability to virtually coach and mentor new leaders through live virtual coaching and mentoring sessions. Mentors and mentees can easily leverage Jigsaw’s technology to meet at their convenience and quickly share information.
Virtual Meetings
From small team meetings to major global announcements, organizations frequently gather together to share information, celebrate victories and plan for the future. Jigsaw Interactive’s offers organizations to the ability to hold various types and sizes of meetings.

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