The ROI of Training – Part III – Case Studies

What’s the ROI of Training? Case Studies

Companies who truly invest in employee training have a huge advantage over those who don’t. To illustrate how much of an impact and ROI training can have, let’s look at two companies who transformed their approach to training and how it opened them up to greater flexibility, accountability, and overall success.

Employee training case study: LinkedIn

Even though LinkedIn has always been a digital-first organization, they still had some reservations about switching to a fully remote training option for onboarding new hires. For a long time, they relied on a one-day, in-person training session to welcome new employees to the company and provide basic orientation. That all changed in 2020 when the pandemic forced LinkedIn, along with most companies worldwide, to rethink their approach.

The LinkedIn pivoted to a five-day virtual training program that included:

  • An overview of the company vision, mission, culture, and values
  • Introductions from senior leadership
  • Real-time check-ins with management
  • Team building activities such as an online scavenger hunt
  • Live Q&A sessions

The virtual training had several unexpected benefits. Not only did it allow new hires to complete the training from anywhere and set their own learning pace, it relieved pressure from the internal training teams. In fact, the new approach was so successful that the company adapted it into a model for Creating a Virtual Onboarding Program.

Employee training case study: SaaS Provider

LinkedIn was able to leverage virtual training options to take its existing training from good to great, but that doesn’t mean this route is only for established companies. Startups and growth-stage businesses can benefit just as much from adopting virtual training early on. That was certainly the case with a software-as-a-service (SaaS) provider who needed a fast and convenient way to train their growing sales and support team.

Their challenge? They wanted to hire the best and brightest from a global candidate pool, an increasingly popular approach, which meant putting together a team from locations around the world.  This company opted for a custom training solution that involved:

  • Customized immersive learning sessions on the company’s culture and values
  • On-demand training resources
  • A 24/7 welcome program for new hires
  • Support for peer-to-peer interactions

The result? The company grew its sales and support team by 300% in six months, without having to sacrifice candidate quality to fill open positions quickly. Another bonus included moving away from classroom-based learning to virtual training options.  This created a significant reduction in the time needed to plan, implement, and execute their onboarding programs.

Virtual training options

The shift to virtual training for corporate learning and professional growth has accelerated since 2020.  Virtual training is expected to continue to grow as companies realize they can do more training with less time and money expended.  The critical component in virtual training is using a solution that is built for engagement and learning.  This includes that ability to identify the level and type of engagement of each participant.  This data helps more clearly identify the ROI of your training programs. 

Working in small groups with customized content and learning tools so teams can solve problems, build outcomes and complete projects is critical to team growth. 

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