Why Web Conferencing Systems Don’t Work For Virtual Training?

Technology has evolved phenomenally over the past few years, and the rise of virtual training is an excellent example. Countless virtual training tools have popped up in the market to add convenience to both trainers’ and learners’ lives. According to a study, the global e-learning market is snowballing and is expected to be worth $325 billion by 2025. 

But sadly, there is a problem with having so many solutions available: people struggle to pick the right one. For instance, many trainers choose web conferencing tools over virtual learning tools, thinking they are the same thing.  But they are not, which is why so many people don’t get their desired results.

In this post, we will explain why web conferencing tools aren’t suitable for virtual learning and what is the best virtual training tool available in the market.

Zoom, Teams and WebEx are some of the best tools for video meetings and presentations. However, they ARE NOT the perfect alternative to virtual training because they lack the essential features to truly engage the participants.  While these tools offer features like chat, screen sharing, and video recording, they are focused on the presenter doing and controlling all aspects of the meeting.  Trainin is about learning so in a virtual training environment the focus needs to be on letting the learners engage and own their learning experience. 

This is why Jigsaw Interactive is rapidly being deployed by many organizations’ learning and development teams.

Jigsaw is an advanced and specialty virtual learning environment designed to adapt to everyone’s needs. It empowers both the trainer and participants to work together to reach their learning goals. 

Immersive learning tools like Jigsaw make learning 40-60% faster than learning through a traditional classroom setting or a video conferencing system. This is why from the education industry to the corporate training sector, everyone is using virtual instructor-led training (VILT) tools to turn rocks into diamonds.

Personalized Learning Experience for Each Individual

Did you know, 94% of businesses believe that personalization is critical to their success

Jigsaw Interactive enables a customized learning experience for each individual.  By releasing content access and various other engagement tools, the facilitator can offer a unique learning experience where each learner can review data in whatever order and for however long it takes them to fully understand or develop questions.  Each participant can choose the data they want to review, in the order that best suits them.  Personalizing each learning experience for the learners also helps ensure high levels of engagement. 

Customizable Breakout Rooms

For sales training or customer care service programs, being able to customize each small group room with different case studies, learning tools and supporting information leads to solid role playing that further enhances the application component of learning.  Being able to record these role-playing events also brings value as they can be reviewed by the team for critical feedback and additional ideas and refinement of responses or presentations.

Patented Learning Behavior and Performance Analytics

You can’t manage what you can’t measure so having a full data analytics dashboard provides invaluable information on learning behaviors, performance, instruction processes and overall engagement levels. 

These types of hands-on engagement and analytics tools cannot be found in web conferencing systems but are so critical to the learning process.  Let your team own their learning experience and empower your learning and development team through the right training technology.