Frequently Asked Questions

Our users often raise these questions about what Jigsaw is and how it works.

What is Jigsaw Interactive?

Jigsaw Interactive offers powerful technology designed to improve knowledge, skills and productivity through virtual education, training and collaboration. Our software features versatile functionality with a large menu of multimedia formats enabling you to effectively conduct, assess and report on group projects, training and classes. Jigsaw delivers an immersive, personalized experience that works with your existing technology platforms to transform them into interactive environments.

Who is Jigsaw Interactive

Jigsaw Interactive is the leading edge, multi-dimensional virtual environment for the next era in training and education. Our intuitive interface is a catalyst that transforms virtual training and virtual learning from passive listening to active, personalized learning. Our content agnostic platform features interactive multimedia sharing, participant engagement tools and a reporting mechanism to effectively assess each training, session or class. As a privately owned company headquartered in Atlanta, our executives created the personalized virtual learning platform after experiencing a decline in their quality of life because they were on the road constantly, flying millions of miles to meet face-to-face with customers, prospects and staff.

How is Jigsaw Interactive different from other virtual platforms?

Jigsaw is the only virtual training and collaboration platform that has been granted a patent on its technology by the U.S. Patent Office. This patent includes our multidimensional teaching/learning tools, our immersive/personalized learning environment and our engagement and performance analytics. Jigsaw focuses on the learning environment and the critical components of learning – knowledge, application and experiential.

Can Jigsaw Interactive be branded to look like my company, school or organization?

Yes. We can classroom brand for you. We utilize your company logo and RGB colors to design the classroom to look like you.

Who should I call or contact to discuss Jigsaw Interactive in more detail?

To learn more about Jigsaw Interactive please call 877-571-0004 or send us a note by clicking here.

How do I subscribe to Jigsaw Interactive?

To learn more about Jigsaw Interactive please call 877-571-0004 or send us a note by clicking here.

Is Jigsaw Interactive 508 compliant?


Are my sessions, meetings, trainings, classes and information secure?

Yes. Jigsaw Interactive uses 256 bit enforced encryption along with SSL layers to ensure all levels of information is secure. We use the highest security standards to protect user privacy and access to data, information and systems. We utilize AES-256 encryption for all meeting data including but not limited to information, graphics, files, screen images, chat text, whiteboard session, 3D models and animation. We are also PCI compliant, which ensures additional security of processing payment information.

How does Jigsaw Interative get past the firewalls at my company, organization or school?

There should be no firewall issues because you are not downloading software. In fact, we are not coming into your “e-space.” You are coming to the Internet to log in to us. If you have Internet capability, you can utilize Jigsaw because it is totally web enabled. We utilize the main Internet ports that most organizations open for their team members to access data on the web. In the unlikely event that you cannot access Jigsaw due to extreme firewall lockouts by your company, we can work with your IT department and open a tunnel to allow access to the Jigsaw application.

Are all sessions, trainings, meetings, classes and information archived?

  • If you record your session using our server side recording (SSR) they are archived for one year from the date last used/accessed.
  • All reports from your sessions are archived for one year from the date last used/accessed.
  • All content loaded into Jigsaw Interactive is archived for one year from the date last used/accessed.

Is there a charge for archiving information in Jigsaw Interactive?

Every company, organization or school gets storage based on the agreement. This initial storage is included in the overall cost of Jigsaw Interactive. If you need additional storage it can be purchased for an additional monthly fee.

Can I use my phone or tablet to access Jigsaw Interactive?

Jigsaw Interactive works on all tablet devices. And while we don’t suggest trying to use a phone to access all the functionality of Jigsaw Interactive, limited functionality is available on mobile.

Does Jigsaw Interactive integrate with my LMS?

Yes. As long as your LMS will support the standard LTI or API, Jigsaw Interactive can connect to it and send information between the two platforms.

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