Hybrid Learning with Jigsaw

Jigsaw Interactive is the only fully functional multidimensional virtual classroom that is focused on the learner. Jigsaw gives instructors and students more learning tools and engagement opportunities than they have in a traditional classroom setting. Whether you are looking for a 100% virtual environment or a blended model, Jigsaw can easily and quickly meet your needs.

“The amount of control and personalization for the students is great. They really like to write on the assets and take notes and adjust the layout to what works for their personal view. But at the same time, the teacher can still take control and reign them in if they need to.”

Dr. Francis Mack

Instructional Coach
DuBois Integrity Academy


We all learn and absorb data differently. Jigsaw’s unique user interface offers students the ability to personalize their classroom layout so they can interact and focus on the information that is most important. Jigsaw is flexible enough to allow for differentiated instruction, pace, and performance tasks. While each student can personalize their learning and layout, the instructor always has the ability to force their focus to a specific piece of information for review and focus on the information that’s most important to them.


While personalization for students is critical, teachers still need to have control during class. Jigsaw’s “Follow Me” feature gives teachers the power to bring all of their students together and synchronize every student’s layout and view to ensure everyone is paying attention and focused on critical information when required.



To reach the apex of learning effectiveness, your live virtual classroom should include the opportunity for social and engaged learning that you get in a traditional classroom and then go beyond that so your students help drive their own learning experience. Jigsaw’s immersive learning components let students independently review information and resents different content simultaneously in a multi-dimensional environment that mirrors how they research and learn.


Social interaction and real-time feedback are vital to student learning. There is no disputing that learning is much more effective in a live synchronous environment. Jigsaw’s multi-dimensional classroom goes beyond what teachers and students can do in a traditional classroom by providing inclusive and immersive tools that let students engage, collaborate and learn in small groups, individually and as an entire class. Jigsaw’s unique break out rooms let teachers create unique learning opportunities for their students.



Go beyond what is traditionally expected in what and how students do and perform. Unbiased analytics that are driven by each student’s engagement and performance level help you understand why and how students perform and learn. Quantitative data that can be filtered and reviewed for qualitative learning will help your teachers, students and school improve the overall learning experience for better learning in the future.

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“The will to succeed is important, but what's more important is the will to prepare.”

Bobby Knight

Whether you need to build your Plan B or improve your virtual classroom, Jigsaw lets you go beyond the norm and strive to be the best!

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