Building a Virtual Coaching Program to Increase Employee Retention and Engagement

Employee engagement rates have dropped to an all-time low, which is alarming for companies around the world. A Gallup study states that only 36% of employees feel truly engaged at work. According to the same survey, 51% of workers feel less interested in work, while 13% are actively disengaged, spreading negativity to their colleagues. 

The biggest reason behind employee disengagement at work is the lack of learning and growth opportunities. When workers see no opportunities to learn new things and move up the career ladder, they become less engaged in their responsibilities.   With this information should one of your top priorities be to build a virtual coaching program for your employees to learn new skills and develop leadership abilities.

According to a recent study, 63.3% of companies say that retaining employees is more challenging than hiring them. As you can imagine skilled workers have a higher demand in the market. If they feel like their current workplace isn’t helping their careers, they will go somewhere else.

Employees who have access to virtual coaching programs perform their jobs more efficiently. These programs help them improve their skills, opens doors to promotions and can positively impact their compensation package.  Overall they are more satisfied with the organization, so them less likely to leave.

In-person training programs are often inflexible and inconvenient.  Virtual training solutions like Jigsaw Interactive enable your workers to attend live instructor led training virtually.  They no longer have to be concerned about traveling to an office and  experience time out of the field that can impact their productivity. 

Using a virtual training environment employers can provide more training because they aren’t pulling people out of the field for extended periods.  Training programs can be repeated more often to match schedules so everyone has training opportunities to meet their individual goals and objectives.  

Traditional in-person sessions are filled with distractions, making it hard for employees to digest information. These types of trainings are also filled with social catch-up time and participants are often more focused on their emails to see what’s happening than they are paying attention to the trainer.   Virtual learning allows companies to offer more training and coaching programs because the cost is significantly lessened and the time to delivery is fairly immediate.  

Increasing employee engagement has become one of the biggest priorities for companies. Engaged employees can outperform their peers and many companies experience an increase in profits as high as 22%.

Investing in an effective virtual training and coaching program will make employees feel they are an important part of the team and will breed loyalty.