An Intelligent Virtual Classroom

"Education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world."

- Nelson Mandela

Virtual learning is effective when you involve all students in activities and projects
Social learning is a critical component for every student so they understand the viewpoints of others
Use multiple tools simultaneously to increase attention and engagement
Customize small group learning rooms for better student project work

Learning Is All About Engagement

Students engage best with content that fits their personalized learning style. With Jigsaw you can use all types of content to get your students excited to learn.

Individualized & Inclusive Learning Environment

Students can move through content, solve math problems, annotate on documents, and collaborate with other students using a myriad of learning tools.

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Improve Learning Effectiveness

Learning is about doing. For students to get the most from class they need to be able to work with the teacher and other students. Whether it's math problems or science projects, students learn more when they do the work.

In-Class Assessments

Taking time to confirm learning is important. Quick quizzes or surveys offer easy learning confirmation.

"A teacher affects eternity. He can never tell where his influence stops."

Safe & Secure

100% of Jigsaw traffic is 256-bit AES encrypted and there are no downloads or installs required. Jigsaw is GDPR, HIPAA, FERPA and COPPA compliant.

Built For Learning

Learning is the end goal, so ensuring that students engage and focus during class determines the level of learning for every student.

Small Group Learning

Letting students work together to solve problems or complete projects broadens understanding, develops social skills and helps ensure student success.

It's All About Learning

If your goal is to improve student results using a virtual classroom where students can actively & individually work is important.

Learning Confirmation

If you don't measure learning results during class how do you know students understand the information? In-class assessments immediately identifies areas of knowledge weakness and offers instant remedial review of information to correct and support the learner.

World-Class Support

Our customer care program uses multiple channels to report issues so our customers are assured their requests will be acknowledged and resolved as quickly as possible.

k-12 Public School
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“Jigsaw is by far the most robust virtual classroom we found and we love it. Along with a great classroom comes an outstanding customer service program. The Jigsaw team is always there to help. They listen to our needs and develop tools that we’ve requested.”
Instructional Technology Coordinator
Instructional Technology Coordinator
k-12 DoE
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“There are a lot of students who wouldn’t have the opportunity to take world languages if it wasn’t for Jigsaw. Teachers and students work closely together to practice pronouncing words and phrases clearly and correctly. Jigsaw’s customer service is the best we’ve experienced. They really care.”
Distance Learning Instructional Specialist
Distance Learning Instructional Specialist
k-12 Public School
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“We needed to find a virtual classroom that would meet the needs of teachers and students. When we saw Jigsaw we knew we had found what we were looking for. Their technology focused on learning and their amazing customer support team is focused on our success as a school. You don’t find that anywhere.”
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COVID-19 is Not Going Away Without a Fight

Virtual classrooms are a valuable and cost-effective way to keep our students & teachers safe.

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