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Extra-Curricular Activities for High Schoolers, How Many?

How Many Extracurricular Activities Should a High School Student Participate In? Apart from the period between birth and two years old, the body undergoes more rapid development during adolescence than any other time in a person’s life. In high school, between the ages of 12 to 18, adolescents undergo a series of emotional and physical developments. As they grow toward adult independence, some of these changes include: A significant shift in their identities, interests, and subcultures A desire for more autonomy can affect family routines Testing the boundaries set by

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Getting Ready for Summer – Part III

In this article, we’ll focus on the learning loss that takes place for high school-aged students. We’ll look at how teachers and parents can work together to prepare these students for the next school year and graduation. Learning loss studies

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Getting Ready for Summer – Part II

In this article, we’ll explore the ways that teachers and parents can prepare middle school-aged children for continued learning over the summer as they get ready to move to middle school. Similar to elementary school students, a lot of time

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Getting Ready for Summer – Part I

School is winding down for the year.  The one thing that many educators and administrators are thinking is how do we prepare kids for continued learning over the summer.   Losing valuable learning during summer months is real so the more

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Educational Models – Part III

Many argue that the educational model in the United States no longer works for the majority of students.  Experts in the educational field often refer to it as a factory-like model, claiming that it’s designed to churn out students who

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Educational Models – Part II

The educational model of the U.S. hasn’t changed much since state-sponsored public education became more prevalent in the 19th century. The origins of the Department of Education date back to 1867, but the official U.S. Department of Education as it

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Educational Models – Part I

Educational models are the foundation from which all learning takes place. While educational models vary from country to country, there’s one thing they all have in common. The commonality is they dictate how teachers teach and students learn. An educational

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