How Training Can Reduce Staff Turnover and Build a Happier Workforce

Employee turnover is one of the biggest challenges employers face when trying to grow their business. A high turnover rate wastes both time and money for companies, but it also increases the chance that other employees will become dissatisfied with their positions and eventually leave as well.

While you can never tell how long any employee will stay with your company after you hire them, the one thing you can do to increase the chances you’ll retain employees long-term and improve job satisfaction overall is to prioritize the professional development opportunities that you provide to them.

Employees who are trained well after being hired will become far more productive, and at a much quicker rate, than new employees who never receive adequate training. Instead of just feeling thrown into a new position, well-trained employees feel confident in their new roles, allowing them to take pride in what they do.

When employees take pride in their jobs, they’re happier and far more willing to work hard to meet the demands of their positions on an ongoing basis. On the other hand, employees who don’t take pride in their positions tend to do just enough to get by without anyone noticing.

Over time, all employees get comfortable in their positions. Without regular training, it’s only natural for people to get bored with their daily routines. And that’s another reason why it’s so important that employee training opportunities remain available to everyone no matter how long they’ve stayed with your company.

Professional development signals to employees that they’re an integral part of the team and that they can continue to build upon their skills in their current role as well as prepare themselves for future advancement opportunities. People thrive in positions where they feel productive and proper training increases employee productivity benefitting both employer and employee.

In companies with no room for growth, employees tend to feel stuck in place, and they will start to feel hopeless eventually. This hopelessness will cause them to look for roles outside of their current company in order to keep moving forward. But great employers know that it’s important to help their employees move forward successfully within their companies which results in keeping a long-term, happy workforce.

And employee training programs don’t have to take a lot of time, effort, or money to put into place. Nowadays it’s easy to schedule virtual training that your employees can access from any location.

During a Virtual Instructor-Led Training, or VILT, employees are connected with knowledgeable professionals in their industry and given access to in-depth training materials without the need for gathering in one location. Virtual training is an incredibly effective way to increase employee engagement leading to greater learning and retention, building confidence in your employees and increasing their levels of performance.

While you’re certainly pulled in many directions as a business owner, employee training is never something you want to neglect. Good employee training is a gift that keeps giving for both your employees and your business.