Jigsaw Interactive Acquires Influitive

Enterprise Customer Advocacy software complements Jigsaw Interactive’s portfolio of enterprise software assets

December 21st, 2023 – Jigsaw Interactive announces today the acquisition of Influitive.

Influitive is a company that specializes in providing marketing solutions centered around customer advocacy. The company’s main product is a SaaS platform designed to help businesses build and manage a community of advocates.

Influitive joins the Jigsaw family of enterprise software companies, all acquired over the past ten years. Integration will begin with implementation of Jigsaw’s Customer Success program, a proven method for driving successful customer relationships and alignment of product development investments with customer priorities.

Kathy Slowinski will assume the role of CEO for Influitive. “I am pleased to bring the Influitive brand into the future with its world-class clients and innovative products. Moving forward, we will create even more value for Influitive customers by advancing product development, enhancing support, and instituting a near obsessive focus on customer success.”

Technical and account support will not be interrupted and customers are encouraged to continue to use their current contacts throughout the transition. On January 5th, 2024, Influitive will host a webinar for current customers to discuss expectations for the acquisition and answer questions live.

About the Jigsaw Family of Companies

Jigsaw Interactive, a division of ESW Capital operates globally across 45 countries, specializing in addressing intricate business challenges for major organizations worldwide. Renowned in the software sector for its customer-centric approach, Central to its operations is the Jigsaw Customer Success Program, which actively involves customers in shaping product strategies and business objectives. Jigsaw’s exceptional engineering expertise guarantees significant product updates, ongoing innovation, and consistent delivery of value to clients.