Powerful Virtual Training

Engaging Learners & Confirming Knowledge Transfer Are Critical

  • With limited resources and time, training departments need a solution that provides a unique blend of trainer control and information sharing combined with learner personalization and engagement.


  • Jigsaw Interactive provides a specialized training and learning technology that meets these requirements.

Customizable Small Group Learning Rooms

Jigsaw’s Break Out Rooms Are Uuniquely Customizable

  • Choose different learning materials for each room based on learning goals
  • Provide different engagement and learning tools for each room based on the assigned learning project
  • Add or change content and tools while the small group learning is underway

Small Group Learning Projects Improve Results & Performance

Peer learning is powerful. Providing an environment that includes small group discussion and work is essential. Work done in these small group rooms is captured so there is no wasted effort by the teams. Movement to and from small groups is quick and easy. With the ability to record small group rooms everything is available for the training team to review at any time.

Collaborative Whiteboards

With access to group and personal whiteboards, in the main session and in all break out rooms, your teams can work together to complete learning projects. Using tools like copy/paste and screen capture building learning projects is easy.

Collaborative Note Boards

Note boards are highly function notepads that are easy to use and accepts all type of information such as text and image files so building processes, follow up items and documentation is easy. These boards can be unpinned for easier review and participation.

Project Recordings

Giving small group leaders the ability to record their projects and results in the break out rooms is an ideal way to review each team’s work. The recordings can easily be transferred to the main session for playback to the larger group or to be viewed at a later time.

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When It’s All About Learning, Engagement Is Key!

"What we have to learn to do, we learn by doing."
- Aristotle

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