Jigsaw Interactive’s immersive virtual engagement platform enables K-12, higher education and other educational institutions the ability to improve the quality of education they provide.

Our virtual classrooms offer teachers and students an environment focused on individualized learning and participation.

Students have the opportunity to determine the information most important to them and can independently review the information in the formats that match their individual learning styles. Instructors can track students’ understanding, identify and work through learning challenges, and quantitatively hold students accountable for what they learn.

Jigsaw education capabilities include:

Blended Learning Programs
Across K-12 and higher education, more institutions are augmenting their traditional classroom instruction with virtual classroom capabilities. This hybrid approach blends diverse teaching techniques administered in and out of the classroom to create innovative ways of improving academic performance. Jigsaw Interactive’s immersive virtual engagement platform provides powerful and flexible tools that enable institutions to include virtual learning as part of their course curriculum. Our system empowers instructors to develop compelling course material, deliver it more effectively to each student, and track teaching effectiveness throughout the learning process.
Virtual Classes
The most successful virtual education programs extend way beyond students sitting in front of computers. The most effective and long-lasting instruction occurs through student-teacher interaction, multidimensional content and lots of hands-on activities. Jigsaw Interactive’s virtual classroom changes the dynamics of virtual learning for both teachers and students, helping prepare them for the digital workforce. Multidimensional tools allow simultaneous activities and use of multiple document formats to optimize information retention and usability, while our performance metrics helps instructors track student participation and learning in real time.
Credit Recovery
Many K-12 school districts offer failing students the option to use online courses to make up lost credits. In most cases, however, these at-risk students are left to fend for themselves without live interactions with teachers and other students, which increases the likelihood of further failure. Jigsaw’s immersive virtual engagement platform enables these students to work directly with instructors and other students with tools specifically designed to enhance learning. With Jigsaw, districts can more effectively help students overcome academic difficulties and pave the way to future success.
Thesis Reviews
The most successful defenses of academic theses always start with a foundation of open, real-time communication between thesis candidates and their instructors. Scheduling and effectively sharing information during the review process can pose challenges – especially if students and reviewers are geographically separated. Jigsaw offers dynamic capabilities that enable instructors and students to collaborate, review and evaluate thesis materials while engaging in live feedback. Students can present and defend using Jigsaw’s recording and documentation capabilities, and instructors can review and critique the recordings anytime. In addition to credit recovery, Jigsaw’s technology also presents districts with the opportunity to revolutionize summer school programs. Instead of incurring the costs of opening buildings and requiring teachers to come in, districts can instead have teachers and students meet virtually just for the time courses require.
Patient Education
Jigsaw Interactive’s immersive virtual engagement platform provides revolutionary communication and education capabilities that enable medical professionals to more effectively connect and engage with their patients after those patients leave healthcare facilities. Doctors, physician assistants and nurses can directly assess patients at home, review relevant information, instructions and treatment plans with them and family members. Jigsaw provides a complete record of interactions and its built-in assessment tools help ensure confirmation of understanding of the diagnosis and treatment plans. Live virtual interaction also offers an opportunity for the patient and family members to more quickly get answers to any questions that arise.

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