Jigsaw Interactive’s immersive virtual engagement platform provides a powerful training environment that can improve your team’s skills and productivity through enhanced learning effectiveness.

Our multidimensional, activity-based tools let facilitators fully engage their teams during training sessions. Using Jigsaw, trainers can creatively present information in a variety of formats, evaluate specific program components and quantitatively monitor the effectiveness of training in real time. Now you can create personalized, immersive training programs built around the three most effective pillars of learning: knowledge, application and experience.

Jigsaw training capabilities include:

Sales & Product Training
Sales teams represent the face of companies to their customers and these front-line employees need to stay current on the latest sales techniques, company and product information. This is especially true when a company brings a new product to market. Knowing the product specifications, details, value proposition and positioning are crucial to a successful launch. Jigsaw Interactive’s multidimensional virtual training platform delivers a dynamic solution for sales training. Many of the tools within Jigsaw are designed specifically for sales training, such as the ability to role play record with an immediate playback option. Our dynamic learning platform offers your sales team the unique capability of individualized review and learning and it lets trainers quantify what each sales person is learning.
Software & Technology Training
Organizations have to continually upgrade software and technology and purchase new solutions to move into the digital age. They have to be able to train their teams on these new technologies and how the technologies optimize performance, productivity and compliance. Jigsaw Interactive is a perfect solution for software and technology training. Our multidimensional training tools and immersive capabilities lets trainees work in the actual software while in the training session. Jigsaw’s unique multiple screen sharing and virtual lab capabilities enables your training team to build sessions that are driven through hands-on access and learning.
Client Implementation & Training
Companies selling software or other technology products have to make sure that implementations are successful through rigorous training programs. These programs can be more effective in a virtual environment if that environment includes hands-on and activity-based training. Jigsaw Interactive’s virtual learning environment includes multidimensional and immersive training tools to ensure successful implementation and training. Virtual training is generally more cost-effective, training can be done more often and training sessions can be recorded. This gives trainees the ability to review the trainings afterwards. Follow-up training is also easier and can be done more frequently.
Supervisory & Management Training
Most employees promoted to supervisory or management positions need help getting up to speed on their new roles and responsibilities. Getting them that career-boosting guidance around their busy schedules can be a challenge and is often ignored. Relying on on-the-job training can lead to new supervisors and managers failing in their new roles. Jigsaw Interactive provides a powerful platform for accelerating the mastery of supervisory and management duties. Jigsaw’s virtual learning environment lets new supervisors and managers attend training without leaving their work area, enabling them to be available to their teams for critical decisions. It offers a dynamic approach so new leaders can actively participate and experience how other leaders would handle a situation and the trainers can confirm if they will be able to apply what they are learning back on the job.
Process & General Training
While every industry and organization has its specific training needs, they all face common challenges in rising training costs, finding the time for training, and ensuring that training delivers the improvements it promises. Jigsaw Interactive enables organizations to create training programs that improve knowledge, skills and productivity in an environment that fosters engagement and activity-based learning. Jigsaw offers trainers the ability to produce creative training programs and offers learners various opportunities to optimize their learning experience through personalized learning options.
Compliance Training
Jigsaw Interactive’s immersive virtual engagement platform is ideal for compliance training because it automatically documents all levels of attendance, activity and performance during training sessions. Jigsaw offers 14 different comprehensive reports that identify various types of participation and performance. Our Engagement Analytics Dashboard documents detailed levels of engagement by each participant and trainer.
Leadership Training
Leadership training is critical for executives in all industries, both to keep up with the latest business trends and to learn how to apply best practices for leadership. Taking one or more full days away from the demands of running an organization just for training, however, is often impractical from a business perspective. Executive training and travel costs are also often out-of-pocket, raising financial issues as well. Jigsaw Interactive’s immersive virtual engagement platform provides a more flexible, affordable and effective solution for leadership training. Executives can receive individual or group training around their packed schedules anytime, anywhere. Our personalized, activity-based environment yields superior training results in a shorter time – enabling leaders to get back to improving their organizations’ competitiveness and success.
New Hire & Onboarding Training
The faster new employees understand their organization and their role in it, the more quickly they can be productive members of their teams. Jigsaw Interactive’s immersive virtual engagement platform makes onboarding convenient and effective for human resources departments, management teams and new employees. The ability to clone a training session saves time for the trainers and guarantees training is consistent for every new employee. Jigsaw’s immersive learning options lets new employees get very actively involved in their training and lets them drive their learning effectiveness. With Jigsaw, organizations can track investment in new hire training directly to satisfied and productive employees.

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