The Generosity of Children – Part I

While often overlooked and under-heard, children and teens are an incredibly important part of society.   Our kids are more capable in so many aspects than most adults give them credit for. This is especially true in times of crisis where even the youngest children often step up and do what’s right to help out others in their time of need.

To showcase just how amazing kids can be, we’ll highlight the incredible stories of elementary, middle school, and high school-aged students in this inspiring series.  

At just 6 years old, Ella Tryon was hospitalized after suffering from a severe allergic reaction to gluten. While hooked up to a feeding tube and an IV, all she wanted to do was color pictures, but crayons were nowhere to be found.

Now  at the age of 7, Ella has made it her mission to donate tens of thousands of boxes of crayons and hundreds of coloring books to children.   Her ultimate goal is to donate to every children’s hospital in the country.  Once she’s hit her goal, she will start the process again so any child who is hospitalized will have something that brightens their day.   For Ella, it’s all about providing comfort to sick kids and helping them play when they need it most.

When the Covid-19 pandemic hit and school buildings shut down, 7-year-old Curtis Rogers felt really bad for his teenage babysitter who was now forced to miss out on her high school prom.  With a little creative thinking, Curtis pulled off an adorable “promposal” for her.  He dressed in a suit and tie and she in a beautiful gown.  Utilizing a swim noodle to ensure they were social distancing for dancing, Curtis threw her a prom complete with flowers and food. For Curtis, it was all about turning his babysitter’s disappointment into a night of fun. 

When Russia invaded Ukraine in 2022, at least a million children were suddenly forced to flee their homes.  Many had to cross the border into other countries without the help and support of their families. That’s when two elementary-aged students, Rhys Bevans and Colin Urch, decided to raise as much money as possible for a Ukraine-based group, Voices For Children.

After first considering a bake sale and other fund raising options, they ultimately decided to sell mini Ukraine flags.  They quickly raised more the $3,000 in donations to Voices for Children.   For Rhys and Colin, it was all about helping kids get the psychological support they need during such a difficult time.

It’s impossible not to be inspired by the generous spirit of young children. There are countless ways kids give back to help people in need.  Encouraging young people to get involved in community events that help others is a life changing experience and helps them see another side of life.  Understanding that not everyone has what they have, helps them appreciate where they are and how they can change someone’s life with their compassion, generosity and involvement.  If children are anything, they are generous and creative.  Cultivating that pays dividends in determining who they grow up to be.