The Great Employee Reshuffle – Part 1

Times are changing, and the Great Reshuffle has caused businesses to contemplate how they operate to retain top talent. Working from home is now commonplace, and this flexibility, among other reasons, requires organizations to adapt accordingly to keep the best and brightest employees.

What is the Great Reshuffle?

The job market is going through a massive upheaval right now as employees leave their positions in droves to find new work they are more engaged with. This led to 3.9 million Americans quitting their jobs in August 2021 across various industries. A lot of this stems from employees’ drive to move to other opportunities allowing them to grow their careers in the current job market. This Great Reshuffle is causing companies to lose valuable talent and is disruptive to the workplace and operations in all industries.

Money is undoubtedly a factor, as many employees feel they are not being paid enough or do not have the chance to make more money. Another significant factor is the lack of opportunity to learn and grow, as companies are often unwilling to invest in their employees during difficult times. Work-life balance is a massive issue for many people who feel overworked and underpaid.

People don’t just want a job. They want to work at an organization with a drive similar to theirs. They want to find what they love and invest themselves in it. This is called work-life alignment, people find meaning in what they do every day.  This increases employee engagement,  productivity and creativity. It requires companies to provide an employee experience focused on more than just engagement to keep and retain the top workers. The Great Reshuffle has affected organizations in numerous ways like:

  • Organizations struggle to attract and retain top talent during reshuffling.
  • Companies are losing talented employees vital to their success.
  • Operations must be adjusted to attract the best employees.
  • Rethinking of company strategies and procedures to stay competitive.

Finding Top Talent During Reshuffling

People are becoming more focused on the long-term value of a job. Companies are having a more challenging time finding top talent because employees are looking for specific things from a company and not all organizations provide what they are looking for.

One of the best things companies can do is make themselves stand out in the crowd. They should offer employees greater flexibility with work hours, more opportunities for professional development, and a better work-life balance so they appeal to the best candidates and retain their top talent.

One of the main reasons people leave their jobs is to align their work with their passions and purpose. This gives employees a greater sense of job satisfaction and makes them more likely to stay at their company longer.   Companies benefit from better productivity and lower turnover rates. According to LinkedIn, only 30% of the workforce is actively seeking work, and the other 70% are passive talent. Among this talent pool, 87% are open to new job opportunities, and their top reason for a change is job opportunities. This causes organizations to rethink their culture and practices to attract the best employees.