The Great Employee Reshuffle – Part II – Retaining Your Top Talent

Retaining Top Employees in the Midst of the Great Reshuffle

Several factors are driving employees out of their current jobs and into the arms of companies that are willing to offer them better opportunities. The Great Reshuffle is caused by companies that are either unwilling or unable to keep up with these changes.  Their employees are going to organizations that will provide the right environment. Millennials and Gen Z’s are leading the great reshuffle.  They are constantly looking for the right fit, with Gen Z’s being the most mobile segment in the workforce. As people are continually moving between jobs to find the right fit, organizations are finding it increasingly difficult to keep their top talent.

One of the most significant changes affecting the reshuffle is the impact of technology on the workforce. Technology has allowed us to work from anywhere in the world, which has given employees more freedom and flexibility. Employers need to be aware of how technology can improve communication and collaboration within their organizations. Tools like video conferencing, virtual training solutions and online collaboration platforms can help employees effectively connect, learn, and work together virtually.

Employers should plan to provide virtual training all their systems, processes, products and services so employees are able to achieve their productivity goals.  Using the right virtual training technology to accomplish goals increases the likelihood of success and satisfaction.

The Great Reshuffle is less about people not wanting to work and more about what people want from their employers. It doesn’t look like the reshuffle is going to end anytime soon because people are prioritizing their happiness over their jobs. Companies will have to foster a culture that will attract to top talent while retaining their current talent pool.