The Great Employee Reshuffle – Part III

Preparing for a Change in Hiring and Retention

Companies that adapt to the Great Reshuffle will get and keep the best employees because they focus on what employees are after. Companies that offer a broad range of benefits, including flexible hours, more paid time off, and other activities that will better engage employees will attract top talent.

Some ways employers can differentiate themselves during the Great Reshuffle:

  • Flexibility – Allowing a work from home and a flexible schedule that doesn’t revolve around the traditional 9-to-5. With the pandemic and the rise of working from home, flexibility has become very important to employees.
  • Clearly defined career paths – Employees who are confident that they will advance in their careers through various promotion opportunities will be more likely to stay.
  • Learning and development opportunities – Giving employees the opportunity to increase their skills and stay up to date with the latest advances in their fields will help retain employees.  This builds a platform for them increase performance and productivity, advance in the company and feel a part of something that’s bigger than themselves.
  • Work culture/environment – Making employees feel like they are a critical part of a team and that their ideas are heard in a collaborative environment is a critical element for most people. Employees need to feel comfortable bringing ideas to the table and becoming more engaged in a trusting and supportive environment.

While all this is a positive for attracting the best employees, it can be very challenging for companies that are not prepared offer and manage these types of programs.

Creating a Change in Retention and Hiring

The evolving relationship between employers and employees is one of the most significant changes in the workforce today. With the Great Reshuffle, employees are looking for a sense of purpose in what they do. They want social and interpersonal connections with their fellow employees and managers. Top talent wants to feel a sense of shared identity with the company they work for.

Creating a company culture that supports these values is a critical mission. This can be done by providing opportunities for employees to connect such as team-building exercises, or giving them tasks that align with their interests and passions. Making sure employees feel appreciated and valued, showing gratitude for a job well done and ensuring employees see the ladder to advancement and success are all part of the culture that leads the company to succeed.

The Great Reshuffle is a change in the workforce that has been building for some time. Employees are looking for a fulfilling job while employers have an increased need for high-quality talent with varied skillsets. This reshuffle will require retooling of hiring processes and retention strategies to attract top talent with a focus on not sacrificing quality or slowing progress towards the company’s goals.