The Many Benefits of Small Group Learning During Virtual Training Programs

When it comes to developing corporate training programs for employees, the most successful programs often include opportunities for small group learning sessions. There are many benefits to working closely with others in a small group setting especially when it comes to learning and retaining new information and implementing new processes for a company moving forward.

Just think back to the most informative training you’ve ever received that really made a lasting impression in your mind. Did you listen to a speaker uninterrupted for hours at a time or were you also given opportunities to work closely with your colleagues in a breakout room, completing a project-based learning assignment together? It’s no surprise that the most memorable trainings we receive are those that we’re actively engaged in especially when we learn cooperatively with other people.

As human beings, we simply learn better and retain more information when it’s delivered to us in a way that encourages us to become actively involved in learning through hands-on assignments. And when we work with small groups of our peers as opposed to individually, we are that much more likely to feel confident in our ability to learn, to discover what our current deficits in learning are, to build team working skills within our group, and to provide and receive immediate feedback to each other.

Plus, we now know that project-based learning doesn’t have to be done in person to be successful. With all of the advancements in technology, the same benefits we see with small group learning in person can also be seen during effective virtual training programs.

This is certainly good news for all corporations adopting virtual training programs as part of their onboarding and continuing education plans. And perhaps the largest benefit of corporate training moving to the online arena is that it’s easier than ever to include colleagues from around the world into important discussions that affect their particular business, their partners’ businesses, and that of other businesses in the same field.

With the advent of breakout rooms during virtual learning sessions, employees can now meet face to face on the screen, hold these important discussions, learn and retain new information, and develop new strategies in small group sessions from anywhere in the world.

Just by partnering colleagues up in a virtual breakout room, by providing them an opportunity to brainstorm the answer to a question, the solution to a problem, or a strategy to overcome a challenge, and by keeping them actively engaged, businesses will notice a huge difference in the success of their corporate training programs moving forward. Plus, they will also enjoy the added benefits of saving time and money and providing their employees with the additional support they need from peers who actually understand their job.

Long gone are the days when corporate training consisted of listening to one speaker for hours at a time, attempting to stay awake and take notes. Nowadays, corporate training can take place with virtual learning at the forefront. And employers can encourage engagement among employees through the use of virtual breakout rooms and project-based learning assignments that are completed cooperatively.


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