The Value of High-Quality, Responsive Customer Service in Virtual Training

A lot of time and effort goes into any and all training programs. Even though virtual training can save a large amount of that time and effort by eliminating travel, room setup, food preparation, etc., it still represents a significant time, energy, and monetary investment for employers. Granted, it’s an investment that pays rich dividends, and smart employers understand how worthwhile great training solutions can be.

The key word in that last sentence was “great.” Successful learning is highly dependent on the virtual training software and platform you choose, and a great solution includes high-quality, responsive customer service.

We’ve all encountered situations where a training session was delayed, interrupted, postponed, or even cancelled due to glitchy tech. Because virtual learning relies entirely on tech, glitches become hugely problematic — much more so than in face-to-face training sessions.

What can go wrong?

Nothing is more frustrating for employers, presenters, and attendees in a virtual learning environment than when the platforms don’t respond correctly. Here is a list of common problems encountered on virtual training platforms:

  • Attendees can’t log in
  • Attendees manage to log in, but they get booted out
  • When attendees are booted out, they can’t get back in and they miss key training moments as they try to re-connect
  • Their bandwidth is insufficient
  • Mics or webcams won’t activate
  • Screen sharing is delayed or doesn’t connect

 The list could go on — the technology behind even the most user-friendly systems is complex, so various things can quickly highjack a training session. If you can’t get responsive support to help you when you need it, you’re stuck. You either leave your employees hanging while you try to make it work or you have to cancel and reschedule.

Why do you need support?

Interruptions, postponements or cancellations cause business interruptions and costs the company money in actual dollars, lost opportunity costs, training rescheduling and ultimately well trained employees.

While virtual training is cost effective, the need for it to be stable, user friendly and supported by a team that knows how to mitigate issues is critical.   When critical time is lost due to technical difficulties, productivity is lost which mean opportunity costs are lost.  The participants become frustrated and less likely to engage and focus on the training and can feel like training is a waste of their time.

For these reasons you need to choose a platform that provides high-quality, responsive account management and technical support.  You need a customer support team that responds quickly, can understand the issue, trouble shoot and get answers, work arounds and resolution.

Where can you get that type of support?

Jigsaw Interactive’s technology is built specifically for training and learning. Every Jigsaw client gets a dedicated account manager and an active, US-based technical support team. They provide world class customer care that’s unsurpassed in the industry.  The platform’s stability combined with a solid support team gives you the confidence that delivering your virtual training program will be easy and effective.