Virtual Sales Training Can Minimize Costs While Increasing Sales Productivity

For years, virtual sales training didn’t exist. Then, when it started to emerge, most sales leaders assumed that virtual training was the lazy way out and wouldn’t compare, in terms of value and results, to in-person sales training.

Recent studies, however, have painted a different picture. In fact, one recent controlled sales training field test indicated that sales teams who completed VILT (Virtual, Instructor-led Training) “delivered 23.2 percent more pipelinethan similar teams who received live classroom training.” In other words, the virtual learning environment can deliver better productivity results from your sales team and significantly improve your training ROI.

Benefits of virtual learning as opposed to traditional training include increased cost effectiveness, minimized productivity costs, and maximized roleplay value.

Increased Cost Effectiveness

One of the greatest benefits of virtual sales training is cost-effectiveness. IBM, for instance, claims to have saved $200 million simply by switching from in-person training to a virtual environment.  

A virtual sales training solution saves significant money on printed materials. It also makes geographical location a non-issue. Employees “attend” their course(s) from wherever they are, which eliminates their employer’s need to pay for them to attend the training, pay for their lodging (if applicable), and reimburse them for or supply them with food. Additionally, employers don’t have to pay for a professional speaker to travel to an onsite location to deliver the training.

Minimizes Productivity Costs

You should also never underestimate opportunity/productivity costs. Removing your sales representatives from the field or taking them off the phones for a day (or more!) of training, along with the time it may take them to travel, comes at a cost. If trainees can complete their training in accordance with their work schedule, their productivity is not nearly as negatively affected.

Additionally, online training removes the weight of trying to coordinate schedules, which can be grueling and detract from more productive managerial pursuits.

Maximizes Roleplay Value

One of the most common sales training techniques is roleplay, wherein attendees practice the sales methods they have learned during the training. This opportunity to practice profoundly affects their knowledge and skill levels and is one of the ways they derive the greatest value from the experience.

In live roleplay, participants are forced into a stand-and-deliver environment. With online training, however, analysis shows that salespeople typically practice six times before submitting their roleplay assignment.

Jigsaw Interactive is set up for virtual, recordable roleplaying in customizable breakout rooms. The recording approach allows for more practice, more useful coaching (reviewers have time to minutely analyze performances and provide relevant feedback), and better peer examples (assuming moderators choose to share some of the recorded roleplays for example purposes). All of these benefits translate to a better training value proposition for the company.

Sales training can pose several challenges for HR and training managers, yet it is a key part of a business’s success. The current best solution for any company’s sales training needs is the online sales training platform offered by Jigsaw Interactive.

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