The Value of Using Technology Designed for Virtual Learning

Virtual training makes it easier than ever to provide comprehensive professional development opportunities to everyone within your company. The hurdles of coordinating timing and travel plans no longer apply when you can train all of your employees at once from anywhere around the globe.

By using a virtual learning environment, your employees can benefit from a dynamic virtual training program that prepares them for a new position, builds on their existing skills, or readies them for exciting advancement opportunities within your company.

No matter what type of professional development your business is searching for, a quality virtual learning environment can help connect all of your employees with the top thought leaders in your field.

And, when it comes to innovative virtual training technology, Jigsaw Interactive is at the top of the class. They have reimagined what virtual training could and should look like, creating powerful yet simple training tools designed specifically to help you build a stronger workforce.

The advantages of using Jigsaw Interactive’s specialized training technology are many.

The first important feature is accessibility. Any of your employees can access Jigsaw Interactive’s encrypted tools safely without downloading any software. Whether they have a desktop, laptop, Chromebook, tablet, or smartphone, they can join, and actively participate in, the virtual training session quickly and easily from anywhere.

With Jigsaw Interactive’s focus on engagement-based learning, you can be sure that your employees are never just listening to a dry lecture. Instead, they’ll learn by doing — trying their hand in the skills lab, practicing sales techniques in a role-play room, or working collaboratively with their peers during a break-out session. After all, people who are engaged in hands-on activities develop a deeper understanding of new information and retain it far longer than those who are passively learning.

Jigsaw Interactive is an ideal solution for technology and software training.  With their multi-screen sharing options, trainers are able to watch up to 25 employees’ screens at any given time, so hands on training, virtually, is easily done.  If the instructor sees a participant is struggling at a certain point, bringing the person to a private room for individualized instruction is easy.  This allows them to give important feedback when it’s needed most and answer questions as they come up.

Their technology offers individual activities to personalize the educational experience for each of your employees. When an opportunity for growth is recognized during an annual review, you can meet an employee where they are and provide the right training to address a lagging skill.

Lastly, each corporate customer has both dedicated account management and technical support teams because customer care is just as important to Jigsaw Interactive as providing innovative training solutions. Their client testimonials can attest to that.

If you’re considering making the switch from in-person trainings to a virtual learning environment or if you’re currently using a web/video conferencing product for training you should consider doing what other companies have done – switch to Jigsaw for your virtual training needs.   

If you appreciate the importance of having a well-rounded workforce, the ease of accessibility, interactive and highly engaging training programs, data analytics that can provide detailed information on all training sessions, participants and trainers, and superior customer care Jigsaw Interactive is the only one that can offer exactly that.