Automation In the Workplace – Part I – What Is Workplace Automation?

Once upon a time, the words “workplace automation” would have solely referred to using robotic machinery to complete tasks in large manufacturing plants. The words may conjure a picture of strange contraptions screwing nuts and bolts onto automobile parts or … Read More

The ROI of Training – Part III – Case Studies

What’s the ROI of Training? Case Studies Companies who truly invest in employee training have a huge advantage over those who don’t. To illustrate how much of an impact and ROI training can have, let’s look at two companies who … Read More

The ROI of Training – Part II – Investment vs Pay Off?

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The ROI of Training – Part I – What Companies Invest in Employee Training

Employee training is a huge part of starting, growing, and running a successful business. But it’s also an investment, and like any investment, it needs to yield a return for it to be worthwhile. What are the benefits of investing … Read More

Why Quality Customer Relationships Matter – Part III – What’s the ROI?

It goes without saying that you can’t have a business without customers. From there, it follows that if you treat your customers right and invest in building quality relationships with them, it will pay dividends in repeat business. But what … Read More

Why Quality Customer Relationships Matter – Part II – The Experience

Did you know that the average person spends about 13 hours a year waiting on hold to resolve a customer issue? This is more than just an annoyance and an inconvenience, it’s a big red flag about the overall state … Read More

Why Quality Customer Relationships Matter – Part I – What, Why & How

“The customer is always right.”  For a long time, this slogan was the shorthand for good customer relations. And many businesses put it at the center of their strategy for growing a loyal base of happy, repeat customers. But is … Read More

Best Hiring Practices – Part III – The Skills Gap

With labor force participation at its lowest point in over 40 years, employers no longer have the option of holding out for the cream of the crop in job candidates. In many cases, organizations have to be flexible about job … Read More

Best Hiring Practices – Part II – Employee Turnover

For over a decade, since the Great Recession in 2008, employers have had something of an upper hand when it comes to hiring. The employee pool was large and highly competitive, with young workers eager to get their foot in … Read More

Best Hiring Practices – Part I – Finding & Retaining Talent

There’s no doubt that the world of employment is undergoing massive change. In the last few years, there have been sudden and significant shifts that are redefining everything about work. Remote work, the rise of online collaboration tools, and, of … Read More