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The Value of Training Your Trainers

Even the best material loses its power with a bad delivery. A good joke can fall flat, a beautiful song can fail to inspire, and a strong script can lose its clout in inexperienced, incapable hands. Why, then, would you … Read More

Virtual Education Vs In-Person Classes

When the World Health Organization (WHO) declared COVID-19 a pandemic in March of 2020, teachers around the world had to reinvent themselves in a joint effort to avoid a complete halt in educational activities. The challenges they faced over the … Read More

The Impact of Social Learning on Employees

While some knowledge can be acquired through solitary trial and error (think of the first cave-dweller who started a fire), most is passed on from person-to-person in one form or another. Research proves the most effective learning takes place in … Read More

Returning to School When the Pandemic Isn’t Really Over

In just a few weeks’ time, kids all over the United States will be returning to in-person school. And while that may seem like a huge relief to parents after dealing with school closures and virtual learning from home since … Read More

The Decline of Student Education in the Era of Great Education Technology Solutions

Without a doubt, virtual education technology has improved by leaps and bounds. Although it’s a stretch to say that schools were entirely prepared for the impact the COVID pandemic would have on their operations, virtual education was not a new … Read More

Virtual Training Is Critical for Dispersed Teams

As more employees are hiring into remote positions and businesses continue to grow with multiple sites around the world, it’s more important than ever that all employees stay connected. Working with geographically dispersed teams doesn’t mean you have to feel … Read More

How to Combat the “Hey Look! A Squirrel!” Syndrome

If creating fascinating lesson plans and delivering them to a highly engaged group of kids was what teaching was really like, teaching would be a whole lot easier than it actually is. We all see students in television shows and … Read More

The Cost of Training vs The Cost of Not Training

According to the 2018 Training Industry Report, the cost of training an employee varies according to the type and size of organization involved. The report states that, regardless of the industry, businesses with between 100 and 999 employees spend about … Read More

The Value of High-Quality, Responsive Customer Service in Virtual Training

A lot of time and effort goes into any and all training programs. Even though virtual training can save a large amount of that time and effort by eliminating travel, room setup, food preparation, etc., it still represents a significant … Read More

Improving Student Results With Technology Through 1 to 1 Devices

Handing a golf club to someone doesn’t automatically make them a professional golfer, giving students their own devices in class won’t automatically make them better learners. With the implementation of any new program to ensure effectiveness, practices and procedures need … Read More