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The Three Types of Learning – Part III – Application Learning

As much as we sang the praises of experiential learning in the previous article, it’s important to note that experiential learning isn’t the be-all and end-all of learning. The best approach is to incorporate all learning types since each one … Read More

The Three Types of Learning – Part II – Experiential Learning

We have covered the impact of training on employee retention. Employee training, or lack of good training, points to a growing issue that employers in every industry are grappling with and that’s the skills gap. The skills gap happens when … Read More

The Three Types of Learning – Part I – Knowledge Learning

Learning styles very differently from person to person.  As each of us is unique, so is the way we learn.  While there are 3 different types of learning, learning style is different as many of us combine the types of … Read More

What Value Is Your Company Getting from Your Training Programs?

Training results are arguably the most important part of the training process.  The time, work, research, content creation, and engagement strategies you incorporate into your training are all a means to an end.  You train for the following outcomes (Unboxed): … Read More

How Would Your Employees Rate Your Training?

Post-training surveys have become standard practice for most organizations. You know the drill: After a training session that lasts several hours, you give your learners five minutes at the very end to rate the training in terms of whether they … Read More

How Do You Know Your Employees Are Engaged in Training?

You’ve worked hard to put together a great, impactful training. You’ve got everything set up and you’re ready to go!  Now, how will you know if your hard work pays off?   You can always administer the ubiquitous feedback quiz after … Read More

Engagement in Training – Part II – The Benefits of Interactive Training

Harvard physics professor Eric Mazur used to be stuck in a lecture-based teaching rut. Although he got high marks on his students’ teacher evaluations, most of their comments said things like “I hate physics,” or “physics sucks” (, which was … Read More

Engagement in Training – Part I – The Pitfalls of Lecture-Based Training

Career educator, researcher, and academic rights activist Edgar Dale was serving as a professor at Ohio State University  in 1946 when he developed a learning model he called the “Cone of Experience” .  This learning model is still in use … Read More

Automation in the Workplace – Part III – Employment Implications

After reviewing workplace automation, you may be asking yourself whether you should consider it a positive or a negative thing in terms of employment. The answer is … that depends. Let’s look at the implications automation is having on the … Read More

Automation in the Workplace – Part II – Pros & Cons

Every industry has the opportunity to automate at least some of their processes, since sales, marketing, and human resource applications are fairly universal. Some industries are more suited for robotic automation than others, and they will be most impacted by … Read More