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Why Virtual Schools Are a Better Option to Address Health and Safety Concerns

With mounting concerns over health issues, bullying, violence, and shootings within the public school system, especially in urban areas which are often hit the hardest, families are now looking at all educational options available to them. The number one concern … Read More

How to Leverage Analytics to Enhance Talent Strategies

Once an organization has determined the type of data it should track to form the best business strategies, the next step is securing the right tools to get the data.  In the virtual training industry, the only virtual learning software … Read More

Talent Data Every Trainer Needs

One of the most important aspects of making data-driven decisions in any industry is to figure out what data is most relevant and will make the biggest positive impact on operations. It does little good to track employee PTO history, … Read More

What’s Being Done to Protect Kids at School

With so many health and safety concerns on the rise, parents are starting to wonder what school districts are doing to keep their kids safe. Private schools, in general, are typically safer environments for students of all ages, but not … Read More

School Safety Concerns That Everyone Should Know About

Sending your kid off to school used to be as simple as packing a lunch and making sure that they caught the bus on time. But nowadays, parents have far greater concerns to deal with when it comes to the … Read More

People Analytics – Part I

‘Analytics’ has become a real buzzword in the business lexicon recently. Everyone is talking about ‘data analytics,’ ‘business analytics,’ ‘predictive analytics,’ etc. The word ‘analytics’ can refer to both the “systematic computational analysis of data or statistics” or “information resulting … Read More

What Does the Future for ESL Students Look Like?

Knowing that the ESL population faces academic, social, and cultural struggles is one thing, but understanding those struggles and how they impact ESL students age is entirely different. When ESL programs are successful, students can and do exit them often. … Read More

Is Remote Working a Requirement to Recruit & Retain Critical Employees?

In April of 2021, nearly four million Americans quit their job in search of better opportunities. Part of this was a search for better pay in the economic downturn, but part of it was in response to the conversations about … Read More

Obstacles ESL Students May Face

Being an ESL student in the United States can come with some challenges. Even though the population of ESL students in the US continues to grow, ESL students face significant barriers when it comes to receiving a quality education. These … Read More

Is Remote Working A Passing Trend or the Future of Work?

At the onset of the COVID -19 pandemic, many employees got sent home to protect their health and safety. At the time, it was unclear how long this state of working would last as the uncertainty around COVID-19 testing, its … Read More