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How 5 Top Companies Keep Employees Happy – Part II – Recognition

After discussing how promoting involvement and belonging can influence employee satisfaction, we move to the second theme for our five companies. In this article, we illustrate how Cisco, Hilton, Wegman’s, Salesforce, and NVIDIA leverage employee recognition to promote happiness. Why Recognition Matters Everyone wants to be appreciated for the things that we do. This matters in interpersonal relationships and the workplace.   Many companies do not put enough effort into making employees feel valued. Failing to do this leads to low morale, productivity, and collaboration and also results in higher turnover.

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Performance Management – Part II – Best Practices

We recently discussed that performance management has been undergoing extensive changes in recent years, moving from a rigid and often ineffective process to one more centered on the employee with more consistent feedback. In this article, we’ll review problems with

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Addiction in the Workplace – Part II – The Cost

Although addiction causes disruption and harm on the individual level, its effects aren’t limited to just the addicted person’s life.  The consequences radiate outward impacting family and friends, employers and coworkers, and society as a whole.   In terms of the

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