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How 5 Top Companies Keep Employees Happy – Part III – Investing in Employees

We’ve previously discussed how belonging and recognition are important ways that Cisco, Hilton, Wegman’s, Salesforce, and NVIDIA strive to cultivate high levels of employee satisfaction. In this article we’ll discuss another important predictor of employee happiness – investing in employees. Here, we are primarily looking at a training and development lens. Why Training & Development Matters Training and development are important ways for all organizations to invest in their employees. It allows employees to enhance their skills, address shortcomings, and hone strengths. From a business standpoint, it brings increased technical

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Teenage Pregnancy – Part I

The Impact of Childhood Pregnancy on Education-Middle School Students In June 2022, the Supreme Court of the United States officially overturned Roe v. Wade, eliminating the constitutional right to an abortion. States will now have the option to decide whether to restrict or criminalize abortion. While this has a far-reaching impact on almost every aspect of society, one of the most vulnerable populations impacted are preadolescents, girls between the ages of 11 and13 and teenagers.  These kids are often forced to drop out of the school but virtual classes enable

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Performance Management – Part II – Best Practices

We recently discussed that performance management has been undergoing extensive changes in recent years, moving from a rigid and often ineffective process to one more centered on the employee with more consistent feedback. In this article, we’ll review problems with

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Continuing Education for Teachers – Part II

Professional development plays a big role in the life of a teacher working in the United States. The average teacher is required to attend professional development courses prior to the beginning of each school year, frequently throughout the year, and

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Addiction in the Workplace – Part II – The Cost

Although addiction causes disruption and harm on the individual level, its effects aren’t limited to just the addicted person’s life.  The consequences radiate outward impacting family and friends, employers and coworkers, and society as a whole.   In terms of the

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