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Best Practices for Virtual Training

Even post-pandemic, it’s safe to say that virtual training isn’t going to go away. In a January 2021 poll, 44% of workers indicated that they want to continue working remotely because it suits them, and 17% want to keep working remotely due to lingering concerns over COVID-19. That’s over 50% of workers who prefer not to return to the office and business as-used-to-be-usual.  Businesses have also discovered the benefits of a virtual work and learning environment. To get the most out of virtual, you have to use technologies that were

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Virtual Schools – A Sound Educational Option

Virtual Schools-A Sound Educational Option One of the most common misconceptions about virtual schools is that they’re subpar to brick-and-mortar schools. This belief certainly makes sense after untrained teachers across the country scrambled to start teaching online during the Covid-19 pandemic. But when students are enrolled in accredited virtual schools that is certainly not the case. In reality, virtual schools: Employ highly qualified teachers who are fully trained in the digital space Provide an education that’s comparable to local public or charter schools Are governed by the same state and

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How to Keep Learners Engaged

As discussed in the two previous installments of this series, a new trainer needs to understand the training platform to get the most out of it. Just as imperative as the technology platform is the trainer’s ability to engage learners.

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Virtual School is an Option

As we discussed bullying previously in this series, we talked about the definition of bullying, different types of bullying, ways to identify it and how you can try to prevent it from happening. In those articles, we spoke about the

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How to Prevent Bullying

As we continue exploring the topic of bullying, we continue with prevention methods. As a refresher, there are four types of bullying defined by the National Centre Against Bullying, or NCAB: physical bullying, verbal bullying, social bullying, and cyberbullying. Each

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Training Technology to Engage Learners

In our last article, we discussed how trainers positively impact employee retention and what that employee needs to be the best trainer they can be. The key to learning is engagement. Not only does a trainer need to focus on

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Training Your Trainers

In the last 18 months, the business world has been flipped upside down. With nearly four million Americans quitting their jobs in April 2021, coupled with a headline-grabbing labor shortage, there needs to be an investigation into what the cause

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Types of Bullying

There is a lot of media around bullying in popular culture, often depicted in movies and television. This exposure leads many to an understanding of what bullying is. Beyond this, most people have interactions with bullying from either side of

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