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Customer Service Mediocrity – Part III – The Cost of Poor Customer Service

You don’t have to be a mathematician to understand that losing customers costs money and is generally bad for business. And you don’t have to be a psychologist to understand that poor customer service equals unhappy customers equals lost customers.  Perhaps an explanation of the four key cost factors associated with customer loss can better illuminate the costs of poor customer service. Direct Costs Direct costs are the obvious revenue you lose, current and future,  when customers stop buying from you and take their business elsewhere.   Many times, the “word

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The Communication Gap – Part III

The communication gap that exists between parents and teachers is a topic that’s often discussed among educational professionals. There is also a communication gap between students and teachers. Students are still learning critical communication and social skills they need to be successful. When these skills are underdeveloped, students may not be able to communicate their needs or advocate for themselves effectively.   Because they get frustrated by this, it can come across as being disrespectful or defiant. When surrounded by students with underdeveloped communication and social skills, it can be challenging

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Gender Bias in the Workplace – II

In the previous article about gender bias and balance, we explored how gender norms and attitudes are formed in childhood. In this article, we’ll discuss how those norms and attitudes have spilled into the workplace as we look at the

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Gender Balance & Bias – Part 1

In this three-part series about gender roles and biases, we’ll start with a brief explanation of when gender biases begin, move on to describe how they manifest in corporate America today, and finally discuss steps and measures that can be,

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Child Obesity – Part III

In the first two articles, we looked at the causes of childhood obesity, contributing factors like ethnicity, geography, and culture.  We identified community and school programs that are geared to build healthier lifestyle and diet programs for kids.   The ultimate

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