The Challenges Teachers Face – Part I

Teaching is a difficult profession. There’s no way around it and there’s no reason to sugarcoat it. The simple fact remains that the idealized version of what teaching should look like is significantly different than what it actually looks like.  … Read More

Gun Violence & Children – Part II

In 2018, for the first time in recorded history, gun violence literally killed more children ages one to nineteen than the total number of motor vehicle deaths. This statistic shows approximately one out of ten gun deaths involves children and … Read More

Gun Violence & Children – Part I

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Social Media & Its Impact on Children-Part III

The typical high school aged student is between the ages of fourteen and eighteen. Every adult who’s spent time with a teenager knows how much of a transitional period this can be.  This is the group we’ll focus on as … Read More

Social Media & Its Impact on Children – Part II

In this article, we’ll look at the many ways social media platforms influence students in middle school and how too much time on social media can shape children’s lives forever. Middle school students are typically between the ages of twelve … Read More

Social Media & Its Impact on Children – Part I

Since its official beginning in 1997 with the creation of the first social media platform, Six Degrees, the impact social media has had on people, young and old, has become a highly charged debate. In this three-part series, we will … Read More

Child Obesity – Part III

In the first two articles, we looked at the causes of childhood obesity, contributing factors like ethnicity, geography, and culture.  We identified community and school programs that are geared to build healthier lifestyle and diet programs for kids.   The ultimate … Read More

Childhood Obesity – Part II

In the first article, we discussed the various factors that come into play as they relate to childhood obesity. Children and adolescents are heavily influenced by the adults in their life.  Parents can help prevent childhood obesity by leading healthy … Read More

Child Obesity – Part I

Childhood obesity has been a problem in the United States for far longer than anyone would like to admit.  Obesity rates among children and adolescents between the ages of two to nineteen were stable in the 1960s and 1970s.  In … Read More

The Generosity of Children – Part III

In the first two articles in this series, we’ve looked at how the generosity of elementary and middle school students has greatly impacted the world around them in recent years. From donating craft supplies to hospitalized children to staging prom … Read More