Continuing Education for Teachers – Part II

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Performance Management – Part I – An Overview

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Continuing Education for Teachers – Part I

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Addiction in the Workplace – Part II – The Cost

Although addiction causes disruption and harm on the individual level, its effects aren’t limited to just the addicted person’s life.  The consequences radiate outward impacting family and friends, employers and coworkers, and society as a whole.   In terms of the … Read More

Addiction in the Workplace – Part I

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The Skills Gap –  The Correlation Between Training & the Skills Gap – Part III

You’ve heard it before, but it bears repeating: Hire for talent, train for skill. Kristoffer Lundberg, of Insurtech Insights, says, “Skill is [the] ability to complete a task, like sales, accounting, or management. Talent, however, is the behavioral foundation that … Read More

The Skills Gap – What Role Have Corporations Played In Creating It – Part II

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The Skills Gap – What Is It & Why Do We Have One – Part I

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What Value Is Your Company Getting from Your Training Programs?

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How Would Your Employees Rate Your Training?

Post-training surveys have become standard practice for most organizations. You know the drill: After a training session that lasts several hours, you give your learners five minutes at the very end to rate the training in terms of whether they … Read More