The Challenges Teachers Face – Part I

Teaching is a difficult profession. There’s no way around it and there’s no reason to sugarcoat it. The simple fact remains that the idealized version of what teaching should look like is significantly different than what it actually looks like.  … Read More

Leadership Training: Past and Present – Part I

For the past ten years, business pundits have been warning about corporate America’s looming leadership shortage. Approximately 89% of HR leaders believe they don’t have a strong enough leadership bench to fill roles that will soon become vacant. The “leadership … Read More

Company Culture – Part II – Building a Strong Culture for a Virtual Workforce

Let’s say you’ve decided to create either a hybrid or an all-remote work environment for your business. One of the challenges is to keep workers connected and engaged.  You may think that remote  employees don’t perform at the same level … Read More

Gun Violence & Children – Part II

In 2018, for the first time in recorded history, gun violence literally killed more children ages one to nineteen than the total number of motor vehicle deaths. This statistic shows approximately one out of ten gun deaths involves children and … Read More

Company Culture – Part I

In previous posts, we’ve discussed digital transformation and the Covid-19 pandemic’s employee reshuffling effect. But how has this shift toward digital processes and distributed workforces changed the way business gets done? In this three-part series, we’ll explore how to establish … Read More

Gun Violence & Children – Part I

It’s no secret that gun violence has become a huge problem in the United States. From gang-related shootings to mass shootings in bars, restaurants, schools, and shopping centers, guns are injuring and killing Americans in record numbers, and the gun … Read More

Social Media & Its Impact on Children-Part III

The typical high school aged student is between the ages of fourteen and eighteen. Every adult who’s spent time with a teenager knows how much of a transitional period this can be.  This is the group we’ll focus on as … Read More

Gender Balance – Part III – Achieving Gender Equity & Balance in the Workplace

We’ve discussed how gender biases begin to develop in early childhood and gender inequality in the workplace. In this article, we’ll look at some ways businesses and individuals can strive for a more representative and equitably-paid workforce. Recognize the Problem … Read More

Gender Bias in the Workplace – II

In the previous article about gender bias and balance, we explored how gender norms and attitudes are formed in childhood. In this article, we’ll discuss how those norms and attitudes have spilled into the workplace as we look at the … Read More

Social Media & Its Impact on Children – Part II

In this article, we’ll look at the many ways social media platforms influence students in middle school and how too much time on social media can shape children’s lives forever. Middle school students are typically between the ages of twelve … Read More