Best Practices for Virtual Training

Even post-pandemic, it’s safe to say that virtual training isn’t going to go away. In a January 2021 poll, 44% of workers indicated that they want to continue working remotely because it suits them, and 17% want to keep working … Read More

Virtual Schools – A Sound Educational Option

Virtual Schools-A Sound Educational Option One of the most common misconceptions about virtual schools is that they’re subpar to brick-and-mortar schools. This belief certainly makes sense after untrained teachers across the country scrambled to start teaching online during the Covid-19 … Read More

Why Training Your Sales Team Virtually is More Effective

It’s no secret that virtual training saves companies money. When you cut out the costs of venue rental, food, transportation, printed learning materials, and lodging, it amounts to significant savings. In fact, companies save anywhere from 30% to 70% when … Read More

Virtual Schools-Certification & Accreditation

When you’re looking for the right virtual school for your child to attend, it’s important to find one that’s reputable. Just like there are doctors, mechanics, and hairdressers with online reviews that are anything but stellar, there are also online … Read More

Education and the Skill Gap

The United States still ranks in the top 10 for educational systems throughout the world. Yet, its overall ranking has been falling for more than 3 decades.  Other countries score much higher in subjects like math and science, and they … Read More

Why Move to Virtual Sales Training

For years, virtual sales training didn’t exist.  When it started to emerge most sales leaders assumed that virtual training was the lazy way out and wouldn’t compare, in terms of value and results, to in-person sales training. Recent studies, however, … Read More

The Benefits of Activity-Based Training

Imagine you’re attending your first year of medical school. You’re excited because today you’re supposed to learn about a basic surgery — the appendectomy. You get to class and your instructor spends an hour talking about the appendectomy procedure. She … Read More

Not All Virtual Classrooms Are Created Equal

Just like in-person classrooms differ from teacher to teacher, building to building, and state to state, so too do virtual classroom environments. In fact, the setup of your virtual classroom can literally make or break the school year for you … Read More

Getting Students Engaged

If you were to quietly observe either an in-person or virtual classroom today, would you be able to pick out the students learning and those who were not? If you know anything about student engagement you certainly would.  According to … Read More

The Limitations of Lecture-Style Training

This is the second article in a three-part series about engagement and virtual training. In the last article, we defined what engagement is (and isn’t) in a virtual learning environment. In this article, we will explore the weaknesses of the … Read More