Global Leadership in a Virtual World – Part III

Impact on Leadership: COVID-19 The sheer scale of the pandemic and how it has affected organizations have created fear amongst global leaders, stakeholders, and employees.  This fear is creating unpredictability in executive positions in a way that has not been … Read More

School Funding – Part III – The Infrastructure Bill

In a typical year, only 8-10% of school funding comes from the federal government. But that will change this year with the passing of the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act of 2021. With the passing of this $1.2 trillion plan, … Read More

Global Leadership in a Virtual World – Part II

Remote working has impacted how businesses recruit by allowing companies to employ people from around the world. In addition to removing geographic restrictions, companies can scale up and down more easily using freelancers and other on-demand specialists. This can lower … Read More

School Funding – Part II – How School Funding Varies by Student

The topic of school funding continues to be a source of heated debate. With most of a school district’s funds coming from the state and local levels—and only a tiny fraction coming from the federal government and each state determining … Read More

Global Leadership in a Virtual World – Part I

Global business leadership has been in crisis, brought on by COVID-19, working from home, and increased unemployment. But leadership is not always about the leader,  it’s sometimes about the followers. The best leaders can inspire their employees to give their … Read More

School Funding – Part I – The Controversy Around School Funding

Want to start a heated debate among educators and parents? Simple. Bring up school funding, kick back, and wait.  School funding has been a hot topic for decades, and it continues to become even more controversial each year.   Virtually everyone … Read More

Charter Schools – Part III – Are Charter Schools Successful?

Charter schools give parents choice in educating their children, and that choice is important. Because it means that all schools must perform better to attract more students to their school.  That performance pressure is a huge win for families. Some … Read More

Hybrid Teams – Part III – Value, Training, & Retention

Previously in this series, we discussed what hybrid teams are, how companies benefit from them, and some of the tools necessary to successfully implement a hybrid model. In this final article, we’ll explore retention, needed training, and cost vs. value … Read More

Charter Schools – Part II – Voucher Programs

While the concept has been around since the early 1970s, the charter school movement didn’t really take off until the 1990s with Minnesota becoming the first state to pass a charter school law in 1991. Like any emerging concept in … Read More

Hybrid Work Teams – Part II – How to Make Hybrid Teams Work

In the first article in this series about hybrid teams, we defined what a hybrid team is and why an increasing number of businesses are implementing that model. But who is using them? Small start-ups? Large corporations? The answer is … Read More